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Potomac Valley Bernese Mountain Dog Club

Welcomes You To Their

Seventh Independent Regional Specialty

Saturday, March 6, and Sunday, March 7, 2004


At Our NEW site


* * * The Frederick Fairgrounds * * *

797 East Patrick Street

Frederick, MD 21705


Unofficial results:

Best in Sweepstakes: 
Greenway's Honor V Kelissa (15 - 18 mos) - Owner, Lee Ann Brownstein & Melissa Ruchuk

Best Opposite Sex to BIS: 
Owl Branch 's Double Whammy (12 - 15 mos) - Owner, Valerie Chase & William Johnson

Best Veteran Sweeps - Peacefield Tallpines Micah (11 years +)
Owner, Sherri P. Starbird

Best Opposite to BIVS - Santera Punkianna V Crest (7 - 9)
Owner, Sandra L. Novocin

Winners Dog - Keilissa's In White Satin Armor, Owner Melissa & John Ruchuk & Lee Ann Brownstein

Reserve Winners Dog - Mtn Spirit Apparition Dornbusch, Owner Maria C. Wright & Mylene Turbide

Winners Bitch - Greenway's Honor V Kelissa, Owner, Lee Ann Brownstein & Melissa Ruchuk

Reserve Winners Bitch - Witchway's Native Spirit, Owner, Doreen Zimmerman

Best of Breed - Ch. Adesa I'm Stepping Out, Owner F. Brown & G. Vogel & N. Stewart & P. Winter

Best of Winners & Best Opposite Sex - Greenway's Honor V Kelissa, Owner, Lee Ann Brownstein & Melissa Ruchuk

Awards of Merit:
Ch. L-Sin's Dreams and Desires, Owner Sindi L. Leo
Ch. Tennescott Jamie Ferdinand Fils, Owner Barrie McMath
Blue Mts Against The Grain (7 - 9 Vet Dog), Owner Michael Knicely 
Keilissa's In White Satin Armor (Winners Dog), Owner Melissa & John Ruchuk & Lee Ann Brownstein

Best Junior Handler - Kasey Von Engel

Non-Regular Conformation Classes:

Stud Dog Class
1st - Ch. Kasablanca's Black Forest, Laura Gilliam
2nd - Ch. Von Engel's Frozen In Time, Sherry Von Engel

Brood Bitch Class
1st - Ch. DeGrasso's Alani V Layla, Anna Bowman
2nd - Brenna's Cindy V Lindenhof, Steven and Barbara Yoder

Brace Class
1st - Peacefield Great Expectations, Peacefield's December Dazzle,
Sherri Starbird
2nd - Wingfield's Make My Day, Ch. Wingfield's Aldebaron V Moongate,
Catherine Shipe

Obedience Trial

Novice A
1- Rosebank's Nordic Nicholette,  Lynda Jacobs & Nathan 
Tocus - 187 1/2
2nd - Sennenhof Graenzweg Greti, Rachel Douglas - 186 1/2
3rd - Shasta's Antidote To D'Blues, Karen Neymark - 176 1/2

Novice Class B
1st - Ch.Tallpine's On The Eighth Day, Dawn Paine - 196
2nd - Car-Rae's Dynasty de Grasso, Carol Lundquist - 177 1/2

Open Class A
1st - Thirdtym's A Charm, CD, Vilma Briggs - 189 1/2

Open Class B
Debby Vom Worblental, CDX, Buck and Priscilla Sykes - 195

Highest Scoring Dog in Regular Classes
Ch. Tallpine's On The Eighth Day, 196pts, Dawn L. Paine

Non-Regular Obedience

Graduate Novice
1st - Thirdtym's A Charm, CD, Vilma Briggs - 88
2nd - Ch. Dallybeck's Valet Barking, CD, NAP, Donna Coffin - 81 1/2

Mocha Java Slurp, UDX, Age 8 yrs 11 1/2 months, Vilma Briggs - 190
Ch. Dallybeck's Valet Barking, CD, NAP, Age 7 yrs, 4 months, Donna
Coffin - 181 1/2
Snowking's Magic Two V L'Andres, CD, Age 9 yrs. 9 months, Robin
Korotki - 156 1/2
Summerfeld's Apple of My Eye, CD, Age 9 years 2 months, James and
Margaret Barrett - 156

1st - Snowking's Bold Lightning and Nor-Ham's Snowking By Thunder, CD,
Robin Korotki - 180

Congratulations to all.


Dr. K M Ericson

(57d 5 pts)


Puppy 6 - 9 Mos.

1.Anastasia's Guiding Force,  N Ellis-Rake

2. Indian Hills Kismet V Ratcliff,  

3. Von Engel's Pull-N Away,  S Engel/K Engel

4. Raylea's Best Kept Secret,  M Hladczuk/L Gallizzo


Puppy 9 - 12 Mos.

1. Adesa's Easy Money,  B Kinley-Blewett/W Blewett

2. Avatars Thrill Ride Of Maine,  C Woods

3. Adesa The Big Easy V Anastasia,  N Ellis-Rake/W Blewett

4. Wyemede's Gamble On Gustav,  M Toyzer


12 - 18 Mos.

1. Keilissa's In White Satin Armor,  M Rochak/L Brownstein Winners

2. Carson's A Sure Shot Parker,  J Hicks

3. Geesey's Sherpa's Ascent,  J Byers

4. Swiss Stars Making Waves,  J Sweetman/D Hall



1. Hayfields Grand Neuberg V.Tall Oaks,  C Behrens/L Behrens

2. Bon Temps Roulettes Cowboy,  L Hunt

3. Hayfields GRND Pwrful Pooh-Bah,  V Pumphrey/L Pumphrey

4. Owl Branch Cadillac Daddy,  S Moskovitz


Bred By Exhibitor

1. Wingfield's Make My Day,  C Shipe

2. Von Engel's Now Hear this,  S Von Engel

3. Caroling's Southern Cousin,  C Lingley/K Lingley


American Bred

1. L-Sin's Dark Blue Moon,  A STEFANAC/C STEFANAC

2. Owl Branch's Double Whammy,  V Chase/W Johnson

3. Eversleigh Grand Memories,  R Buie

4. Rosebank's Dream Boy Rocky,  K Weathers



1. Mtnspirit Apparition Dornbusch,  M Wright/M Turbide Reserve Winners

2. Zandrina's Hubert,  J Gerow

3. Labernese Hankrn To Win Avatar,  S Groves/C Woods

4. Hayfields Grand Juniper,  R Disler



Nor-Ham's Snowking By Thunder CD,  R Korotki



Dr. K M Ericson

(64b 5 pts)


Puppy 6 - 9 Mos.

1. Von Engels Pucker Up,  S Engel/K Engel

2. Tennescott From The Heart,  J Ulrich/B McMath

3. Cherokee Von Alpentraum,  

4. Carma Que's Mystery V Chargun,  C Gunther/T Hartel


Puppy 9 - 12 Mos.

1. Anderlea's Miles To Wingfield,  

2. Winterthur's Lolabrigida,  G Zimmer

3. Rosa-N-Skylyn's Pandora,  C MCLEAN/R Rosa

4. Winks' Positive Vibration,  S MCCULLOCH/W Mcculloch

12 - 18 Mos.

1. Greenway's Honor V Keilissa,  L Brownstein/M Ruchak OS, BW, W

2. Bernherrs Sealed With A Kiss,  H Mcneil

3. Alpenspirit's Dark Angel,  N Ellis/M Turbide

4. October's Only Option,  M Knicely


1. Bedro's Edelweiss For Jets',  J Shaeffer/B Bedrosian

2. Owl Branch Saddle My Pony,  V Chase/W Johnson

Bred By Exhibitor

1. Peacefield's December Dazzle,  S Starbird

2. Adesa's Easy Does It,  B Kinley-Blewett/W Blewett

3. Wyemede's Flashback To Dorli,  J Crawford/E Crawford

American Bred

1. Witchway's Native Spirit,  D Zimmerman RW

2. Von Engel's Look Who's Talkn V.Wink,  S Von Engel/K Von Engel

3. Bernherr's Lady Outlaw,  H Mcneil/L Mcneil

4. Owl Branch Tart Of Darkness,  V Chase/W Johnson


1. Seavaridge Dandycandy Baby Ruth,  B Roberts/C Gisewhite

2. Ayehli's Trailing The Field,  T Logan/F Bushnell

3. Kimberlite's Indigo Girl,  C Shipe

4. Von Engel's Ideal Design,  S Von Engel/K Engel


Whispering Pines Puanani,  D Sines


Non-Reg Veteran, Dogs

Dr. K M Ericson

Non-Reg Veteran VET7TO9

1. Blue Mt's Against The Grain,  M Knicely

2. CH Dallybeck's Valet Barking CD NAP,  D Coffin

3. CH Rosebank's Early Riser ,  J Bann/M Bann

Non-Reg Veteran VET9TO1

1. CH Keilissa's Bodacious Baron ,  D Traynor/W Traynor/T Barker

2. CH Dallybeck's Obvious Choice ,  M O'Hara

3. CH De-Li's Legend Of Avalon UD,  L Mitchell/L Ostermiller

4. CH Philip Vom Riemenbeet CD,  S Mcculloch

Non-Reg Veteran VET11

1. Peacefield Tallpines Micah,  S Starbird

Non-Reg Veteran, Bitches

Non-Reg Veteran VET7TO9

1. CH De-Li's Time And Again CD,  L Ostermiller/J Tremel

2. CH Santera Punkianna V Crest ,  S Novocin

3. CH Keilissa's Magic Star-Lite ,  B Bych

4. Taplacs' Mistel,  W Mcculloch

Non-Reg Veteran VET9TO11

1. CH Eversleigh's Claim To Faime ,  R Buie

Non-Reg Veteran VET11

1. CH Maric's Find The River ,  R Heisey

Entries Closed

AKC rules state that "only dogs that are eligible to be shown under The American Kennel Club rules shall be allowed within the show precincts…". The "show precincts" in this case is the show building. This also means that no puppies under six months of age will be allowed in the show building.



Great Shopping, Tempting Raffle and Gorgeous Berners!!


Show Chair:

Herbert F. Hoffman



Show Secretary:

Susanne H. Hoffman

C/O Jim Rau Dog Shows, LTD

P.O.Box 6898 Reading, PA 19610

Phone: (610) 376-1880 Fax: (610) 376-4939





Obedience (Saturday 8AM)

Mr. John D. Landis, Hellertown, PA


Sweepstakes (Saturday 12:30PM)

Ms. Patricia A. Smith, Lowman, NY


Jr. Showmanship and Conformation (Sunday 8AM)

(Limited to 200 entries)

Mrs. Karen M. Ericson, Walnut Creek, CA


Parade of Veterans, Parade of Titleholders and Parade of Rescue Dogs

will take place during the lunch break on Sunday




            ►Larger Grooming Area (no x-pens in building)

            ►Lots of free parking

            ►Free admission for Club Members, Exhibitors and Their Families

            ►No Strollers will be allowed in the show building

            ►Visitors, PLEASE do not bring your pets to the Show Building.  Because we are governed by AKC  regulations, we must deny entrance to any dog not eligible to be shown.


Saturday, March 6, 2004
8 AM - Obedience
12:30 PM - Puppy and Veteran Sweepstakes

Sunday, March 7, 2004
8 AM - Junior Showmanship
Conformation immediately following Junior Show
Parades during lunch break.

SATURDAY, MARCH 6, 2004 *Obedience & Sweepstakes*

JUDGE: Mr. John Landis
2451 Wassergass Road
Hellertown, PA 18055

8:00 A.M.
1 - Utility Class "B" UB309
2 - Open Class "B" OB201-202
3 - Open Class "A" OA134-136
8 - Novice Class "B" NB70-77
10 - Novice Class "A" NA5-12, 14-15
2 - Graduate Novice GN501-502
4 - Veterans V530-533
1 - Brace B(560-561)
31 Total Dogs

JUDGE: Ms. Patricia A. Smith
1272 Norway Road
Lowman, NY 14861

12:30 P.M.
58 - Puppy Sweepstakes (27 dogs - 31 bitches)
Immediately following Puppy Sweepstakes
16 - Veteran Sweepstakes (8 dogs - 8 bitches)
74 Total Dogs

SUNDAY, MARCH 7, 2004 *Conformation*

JUDGE: Dr, Karen M. Ericson
25 Adeline Drive
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

8:00 A.M.
5 - Junior Showmanship
3 - Novice Junior
2 - Open Junior

Immediately following Junior Showmanship
197 Bernese Mountain Dogs
64 - Regular Class Dogs
77 - Regular Class Bitches
3 - Veteran Class 7-9 Years Dogs
6 - Veteran Class 9-11 Years Dogs
1 - Veteran Class 11-13 Years Dogs
4 - Veteran Class 7-9 Years Bitches
1 - Veteran Class 9-11 Years Bitches
1 - Veteran Class 11-13 Years Bitches
29 - B.O.B. Competition (21 dogs - 8 bitches)
3 - Stud Dogs
3 - Brood Bitches
5 - Brace
197 Total Dogs


13 - Parade of Titleholders
8 - Parade of Veterans
4 - Parade of Rescue



A reception immediately following Sweepstakes on Saturday will be held in the show building for Exhibitors, Club Members and Friends.



Exhibitors are urged to ASK if the hotels are still allowing dogs in the rooms.  Ask if the hotel will provide a special show rate or any appropriate discount such as AAA, AARP, etc.

Holiday Inn, 999 W. Patrick St., Frederick, MD 21702
301 662-5141, $$$

Holiday Inn Express, 5579 Spectrum Drive, Frederick, MD 21703
301 695-2281, Refundable $25 pet deposit,$$

Holiday Inn Frederick-Holidome & Conference Center, 5400 Holiday Dr.,
Frederick, MD 21703
301 694-7500, $$$

Mainstay Suites (all rooms have full kitchen), 7310 Executive Way, Frederick
MD 21704
301 668-4600, AAA rate, dog deposit, $$$$, ($$$ with AAA)

Quality Inn, 420 Prospect Blvd., Frederick, MD 21701
301 695-6200, AAA rate, no dog deposit, $$$, ($ with AAA)

Travelodge, 200 E. Walser Dr., Frederick, MD 21704
301 663-0500, $25 refundable dog deposit, $

$$$$=$100+; $$$=$80 - $100; $$= $60 - $80; $=$40 - $60


Limited full hookups available for $25/day (located about 600 ft. from show building); electric hookups only (20amp, 50amp – no 30 amp sockets) for $15/day (located at several places in the parking lot). No charge for overnight parking without hookups. RV’s can arrive on Friday afternoon. If a hookup is desired, it must be paid for in advance. See Premium List for RV Parking Form to be sent to:

Georgeann Reeve



Email for additional information:




South on US 15 (becomes I-270) to I-70. Go EAST toward Baltimore on I-70, 1.7 miles to Exit 55.   At end of exit ramp turn right (north).   Go 4/10 mile to stop sign. Turn right (actually a half right). Proceed 1/4 mile to Rt 144 (E. Patrick Street). Fairgrounds entrance is across Rt. 144 and a little to the left.

North on I-270 to I-70. Exit from I-270 onto I-70 East toward  Baltimore and follow the "From North"  directions.

Proceed east on I-70 to exit 55. Follow the "From North" directions.

FROM EAST: Proceed west on I-70 to Exit 56. From stop sign at end of exit ramp, go straight ahead (west) on Rt. 144 7/10 mile to Fairgrounds entrance on right just past second traffic light




Catalog Advertising                             Sandra Novocin

Catalog Sales                                       Nan Pixton

Chief Steward                                      Elinor Abrell

Decorations                                          Kathy Donohew/Carmelita White

Emergency Response Coordinator    George Hasenauer

Event Publicity                                     Maria Crifasi

Exhibitors Reception                           Carmelita White

Food Concession                                 Elinor Abrell

Grooming Area                                    Chris Stefanac

Grounds                                                Ken Lingley

Hotel Information                                Robin Korotki

Judges Hospitality                               Dorothy Foellmer

Morning Hospitality                             Jodi and Dennis Heins

Obedience                                            Jennifer Donnelly-Schoffstall

Parade of Champions                         Jacqueline Briggs

Parking                                                 Richard Barnes

Photo Contest                                      Joel Mazelis

Public Information                              Nan Pixton

Raffle                                                    Carol Manley

Results Board                                      Valerie Chase

RV Parking                                           Georgeann Reeve

Show Committee Lunches                 Sharon Hasenauer/Pat Burgan

Show Coordinator                               Carol Lingley

Trophies                                               Sue Hoffman/Maria Crifasi

Vendors                                                Michael O'Hara

Ways and Means                                 Don Grandstaff

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