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When the body that lived at your single will,

With its whimper of welcome, is stilled (how still!)

When the spirit that answered your every mood

Is gone – wherever it goes – for good,

You will discover how much you care,

And will give your heart to a dog to tear.

Rudyard Kipling

This page is dedicated to the memory of  beloved PVBMDC Berners.. If you would like to add a memorial to this page, please send an email with the memorial (under 500 words,please) to Bob Reeve. We welcome pictures and favorite stories too.

"So this is where we part, My friend, and you’ll run on, around the bend, gone from sight but not from mind ,new pleasures there you’ll surely find,

I will go on, I’ll find the strength, life measures quality, not its length, One long embrace before you leave, Share one last look, before I grieve,

There are others, that much is true, but they be they, and they aren’t you, And I, fair, impartial, or so I thought, will remember well all you’ve taught,

Your place I’ll hold, you will be missed ,the fur I stroked, the nose I kissed,  and as you journey to your final rest, take with you this……..I loved you best"

-  Jim Willis


October 30, 2003 – May 11, 2014

Owned Loved and Missed by Bill Davis and Pete Williams

Sophie was named after the Snow Drop Flower and she always had a little grin on her face. She came home to us after much debate over whether we could handle four dogs in the house. She was our mischief maker charging thru the bathroom in the morning, jumping out of the ring to check out something then coming back to finish, on a long down it was scratch your back time and yet she finished all her Rally titles, and her CD. She also had two legs toward her CDX and Two RAE legs. She was our first conformation dog that we pointed ourselves. When she couldn’t walk on Sunday we took her to the emergency clinic and they determined that she had cancer. We our thankful for the time we had but still it wasn’t long enough. She is able to run freely now and join our three musketeers at the rainbow bridge.

With great love.



Our First Berner

June 4, 1998 - January 10, 2014

Owners: Bill Davis and Pete Williams


On that dreary icy Friday afternoon, we finally, with very heavy hearts, decided that Chester should go to join Bear and Krystall. He was our first experience with Bernese Mountain Dogs; although part husky he was more Berner, which carried through to his color and personality. This was such a great trait that we decided to get Bear and Krystall. I called them our three musketeers. (Chester is in the trunk).


Chester was the trainer for all the new Berners that followed. He taught them to hunt squirrels and birds, dig holes and just have fun. He often went along on our many trips to Nationals and other far away shows. He was often mistaken for a poorly marked Berner. The house is not the same without him.


Well rest in peace, Chester, you were loved by both humans and dogs.

Caroling's Alice Blue Gown (BG#25651)

"Alice" 5/5/04 - 12/6/13

bred, owned & missed by Carol & Ken Lingley


Alice, always in a hurry, left us suddenly after suffering recurring seizures of increasing intensity over her last 24 hours.  She had lost an eye two years earlier to melanoma, but her strong personality overcame any handicap associated with partial blindness, and she continued to soar through her days at full speed, enjoying every minute.  Cookies were her passion, and one could stand in the doorway and address no dog in particular with "lie down" mentioned in a sentence, and she would drop like a ton of bricks, and give you an expectant grin for her reward.  We never tired of playing the game.  She was a singleton, raised with a "litter" of stuffed, black monkeys--probably where she picked up her frenetic energy.  


Alice-Bigalous, a very special girl, sorely missed.

Hayfields Grand Molly "Molly"

February 2, 2005 - August 23, 2013

Owners - Jim & Debbie Reams


We helped "Molly Moo" across the Rainbow Bridge on 23 August. She was suffering from histiosarcoma and at the end there was no doubt it was her time. It was both the hardest and easiest decision we have ever had to make about her well being.


She was our first Berner. She won no titles but she won our hearts. As a pup she was as goofy, uncontrollable and irrepressible as any dog could be. She loved to chew up socks, TV remote controls and DVDs, case and all. She was on a first name basis with all her vets but never seemed to suffer any ill-effects. As a teenager, she was a gangly ugly duckling but she grew into a huge, magnificent "grand dame" who ruled our house. As new puppies arrived in our household, titles acquired, and litters whelped, she abided the upstarts and maintained her quiet dignity.


Up until the end she slept at the end of our bed. When she could no longer could get up onto our bed, she slept on the floor next to us. During the day she would struggle on her painful and crippled legs to limp outside where she would sit for hours and bark at folks walking by, ever protective, ever faithful. Even toward the end, when we would travel, she would hobble to the back of the van and put her front paws up on the floor and wait for the boost she knew would come. She would not be left out or left behind. She loved having her belly scratched and would do anything for a treat, including hobbling into the vet for the last time.


We loved her dearly and will miss her forever. She represented all the reasons we love Bernese Mountain Dogs. Godspeed, be without pain, run free, and rest peacefully.

Caroling's Heir of Elation (BG#19494)

"Lera" 1/1/03 - 8/10/13

bred, owned & loved by Carol & Ken Lingley


What to say about Lera Lou?  Born in our front yard in the wee hours of New Year's Day 2003, a surprise addition to the litter of six already in the whelping box, dubbed "Potty Dottie" for her neonatal days, Lera claimed us from the get-go as her forever family, and here she stayed for her full 10 years, 7 months.  She was Symbol's best buddy, and her daddy's girl.  She had the coat of a unshorn sheep, which hid her girlish figure, but was agile and smart and enjoyed obedience training, especially the treats part.  She was a beautiful moving girl and sound all her life.  Too small for the show ring, but nonetheless a champion in our hearts.  


Rest well, Woo.  We're missing you.

Kidd’s Kringle of St. Pelz (Kringle), CD, CGC, Therapy Certification

February 20, 2003 – June 18, 2013

Owned, Cherished and Missed by Lee & Debby Isdell

We met you at three weeks of age and thus began a decade love affair. You were your "Mom’s" first ever dog and you have set the bar ever so high. You lightened our lives in so many ways…a bright-eyed tail wag when she came home from a stressful day…a "lean" when we stood still…a kiss and a hug whenever we needed one…and good old-fashioned "push" as you drove your head between my legs, getting a full-body massage. You were at your best in a wild abandoned roll across your yard, scratching your back…or playing "snowplow" as you put your nose down on the deck full of snow and shoving your way through it… or playing our madcap version of kickball, pushing your "indestructible" hard ball with your front paws all across the yard at a full run. When we cried, you came and put your head in our lap and gazed up with those incredible big brown eyes. When we laughed and played, you jumped, rolled and wagged right in the midst of everything. You were everywhere in our lives, touching every aspect of them. From being my daily partner as we drove all over Central Virginia, to hiding in the closet at the rumble of thunder, you were an excellent dog…patient, obedient, completely trustworthy, with a great disposition. Everyone who met you fell in love with you. You were an excellent Ambassador of your breed. You were a beautiful dog. 

Now…our hearts break, for you were everywhere in our lives…and now…are not. There shall be others, for the love you gave us created a space in our hearts that we now know only a dog can fulfill. We understand that, but there can never be another unique you. Of all the GREAT things you did, the primary one is…that you taught your Mom what is to be loved by and to love a dog. Very Good, Puppy-Wuppy!... See you later, Handsome.

CH Caroling's Symbol Du Saguenay (BG#36919)

"Symbol" 8/13/01 - 1/12/13

bred, owned & loved by Carol & Ken Lingley


Sym was one of three pups we kept from the same litter, and arguably the sweetest dog to ever grace Caroling.  She was slower to mature, probably because of her large frame & lovely bone, but once we got serious about showing her , she finished handily, and won a 5pt major at a PV supported entry along the way.  She had only one litter of two girls, but those girls gave us our Targhee (Ch. Carolings Winter Flight) and his sister Twitter (Caroling's All A Twitter), so a bit of "grandma" is still with us.  Symbol gave us all we could ask of a Berner  for 11 1/2 years.  Well done, ol' girl.  You were the best.

CH Bedro's Justintime v Greenway CD AJP DD BDD - BMDCA VD & WD

"Justin" 3/16/04 - 1/7/13

owned & loved by Maria & Jack Crifasi

Jack and I helped our Justin to the Bridge. I can only imagine how happy he was to see Buddy and Daisy again. We are so grateful that he had a fabulous holiday and spent so much time laying in the snow watching kids sledding and throwing snowballs as well as taking short hikes on the wood paths with Maggie and Cabby.

CH Bedro's Justintime v Greenway CD AJP DD BDD - BMDCA VD & WD plus his herding certificate. Translated that means: an obedience title, an excellent level agility title earned last April, a Draft Dog and Brace Draft Dog title and a herding instinct certificate. He would have gotten his herding title but after herding the sheep once, he felt that were too stupid to deal with and went to lay down in the shade. Justin and Jack were an amazing draft and agility team.

Justin could open any door with any type of knob. He would wake us up before dawn by slamming his steel food bowl against the wood floor by our bedroom door. He could play a sneaky game of hide and seek. Find It was his most favorite game of all. He loved to lean and cuddle and clean ears. He loved to be groomed and shown in the ring. He filed bills and napkins by eating them. It was Justin who taught us the most of any Berner we have owned.

Please pour yourself a nice glass of wine and toast a great Berner.

Maria and Jack Crifasi


CH Ahquabi's Dancer of Doriath, Jun 21, 2002 - Sep 7, 2012

owned & loved by Georgeann & Bob Reeve

(Pictured at PVBMDC 2012 Specialty - Select Bitch)


With great sadness, I wish to let my friends know that Dori crossed to the bridge on Friday. Yet, it is with such joy and wonderment that I am also grateful that I got to spend over 10 years with this remarkable and life-changing girl.


Dori was my first conformation dog, and the foundation of Brightwater. Thank you Kathy Berge for trusting me with her so many years ago. Together as rookies, Dori and I finished her championship - our first win a 5 point supported entry major.  As a veteran, she racked up 10 GCH points, taking Best Opposite and Select Bitch at two regional specialties. She truly loved to show. One of my favorite memories was showing her at the National this year in veteran sweeps to a fourth place in a very competitive 9-11 class.


Dori loved to run under the crape myrtle bush before coming into the house so that she had flowers in her hair. She would then nudge me, so I would pick them out and sing, "Be sure to wear flowers in your hair, San Francisco" to her. I know that she is now sitting in the shade with flowers in her hair waiting for me. She leaves a hole in my heart, but a legacy of 3 generations and a span of fond memories that I will cherish forever.


Ch Owl Branch Sno Sumo Cum Laude

10/30/203 - 9/5/2012 BG#20871 Multiple CHIC#s

bred & owned by Valerie Chase & Bill Johnson

(pictured at 8.5 years)

Sumo crossed the bridge last night to join his older Woogie x Lightning siblings, Dude and Tart. He was always upbeat, happy, zany, and ADHD. We kept him as a pup, looking for a show home. By the time we got the call from Farah, it was too late - Sumo had become Bill's dog. He never went anywhere at less than full speed, indoors or out, with something in his jaws, including dog dishes, usually running through your legs from behind. Sumo was Bill's devoted barbeque buddy and sat with Bill through hundreds of Orioles and Ravens games on TV, always where he could be petted.

Sumo and Dude lived together, intact, with never an angry word between them, even when someone was in season. He was extremely sweet, but could step up and be a "man" when needed. At only one year of age, he ran off two drug dealers in the middle of the night with two woofs, staring at them from under the motel curtain when they came to our door. Other folks called 911 that night but we had Sumo. He went out as a special with Jo Ann Charnik and earned some nice gold and purple ribbons. He took it upon himself to guard her too, though she wished he hadn't offered to eat the highway patrolman who stopped her on I 95.

In June ultrasound showed both prostate cancer and a tumor next to his colon with all of his other organs clear. Sumo made it through the summer as his old self with meds, but this last week he went downhill fast.

Sumo is one of seven Woogie X Lightning siblings who have donated blood samples to the Ostrander Lab at the National Institutes of Health. He was the 4th to cross the bridge, each of whom has had extensive necropsy and histological data sent to NIH at death. Sumo, like his sister Tart, has gone to Johns Hopkins Medical Center where a thorough necrospy is accompanied by 25 to 30 slides, looking for histological evidence of cancer in every organ. He won't come home in a box, but he will contribute data to an important study. Hopkins also uses research data from this work. So far, only one of the 4 has had histiocytosis. Sumo is survived by older siblings Trapper and Kasi (9.5 yrs) and sister Sophie (8yrs 10 months).


Snowking's Magical Storm RN, CGC, RO1, Therapy dog

March 5, 2004 - July 4, 2012

Stormy, aka Bubba, never met anyone , 2  or 4 legged, that he didn't like.  He excelled as a therapy dog, was Matt's 4-H dog and friend, loved his mom Robin, and Titan.  He loved the beach and was happy most when he was on the couch with his family.

CH L-Sin's Dark Blue Moon, CD RN NDD VD CGC


June 28, 2002 - July 1, 2012

owner Andrea & Chris Stefanac


Thank you, Bark, for the extraordinary ride.  For every single Berner hug, for every woo-woo, for all the hours of bonding during grooming, for the amazing times in the show/obedience/draft rings, for being a great Berner ambassador, and for just being you.


You were truly one in a million!

CH Brenna's Cindy von Lindenhof CD RE NA NAJ OAP OJP JHD HTAD-I VD WD WDX, CGC

12/12/99 to 5/19/12 

owned by Barbara A. Bootes


"Cindy was helped "across the bridge" on May 19, as a result of manifestations arising from the rapid onset of lymphoma. Son Kurt and his family, including grandkids Mark and Karalynn, joined me to say goodbye at the Hope (Emergency Vet Care) Center in Vienna, Va. Ingrid, Freya and Lara were also on hand to witness the transition. It was the same room where we had said goodbye to Nico in August 2010. Cindy departed easily and peacefully, surrounded by the family who loved her.


"The only girl of Brenna (Shiba v. d. Hoge Velluwe from the Netherlands) and Atlas' (CH. Cheserhof's All Points Bulletin) five-pup, Lindenhof "C" litter, Cindy quickly exhibited exceptional intelligence, persistence and independence. Her quiet, reserved nature often led us and others to underestimate her true capabilities. We soon nicknamed her "Houdini" for her unusual skill at escaping most enclosures. But Cindy was also very good at more conventional doggie activities. An outstanding mother, she successfully raised 39 offspring in four litters between 2002 and 2005. After completing her championship in 2004, she excelled in rally, obedience, draft, agility and herding. In 2006 at age 7, both she and our Nico earned BMDCA’s "Versatility" award. At age 9 she finished her open agility titles and at 12 completed both her Junior Herding Dog (JHD) and advanced herding HTAD-I titles. The latter accomplishment earned her BMDCA’s "Working Dog Excellent" award for 2011.


"Cindy was also fully engaged in the 2012 Specialty in Gettysburg, completing two of the three events needed to receive the Triathlete award: a qualifying JHD exhibition run on Monday, 5/7 in Herding and her first leg toward the Rally RAE title on Wednesday, 5/9. Wednesday evening she placed 2nd in Conformation Veteran Bitch's 11+ Sweeps, finished fourth out of nine showing in the Versatility Showcase on Thursday 5/10, and third out of four in the Veteran Bitch 11+ class on 5/12. That evening she was honored with the 'Fan Award' as the oldest Berner participating in the Specialty. Indeed, at 12 years and 5 months, she was the oldest dog there.


"All her life, Cindy had represented the very best in her breed--the pinnacle of an intelligent, all-around, working Berner. But as accomplished as she became, it was her loyalty to, affection for and service to her family that made her so special. She was our love and we all miss her terribly."

CH DeLi's Duke Devil D, CGC, TDI


1/17/04 - 5/1/12

owned and loved by Alexis Smith


It is with the heaviest of hearts that I write to tell you that a wonderful dog died today when Duke went to sleep forever in my arms.  He was my first dog in adult life and my first Berner.  I often told Lilian that I could not have asked for a nicer dog.


Duke opened a new life chapter for me, introducing me to many friends in both the Berner and dog worlds.  Believe it or not, he also introduced me to dog activities.  Although we never competed, we did rally, obedience, tracking and drafting.  He was always willing to please and to go along with the next activity.


Duke was my constant companion, traveling with me almost everywhere.  He was such an easy going soul that he was always welcomed wherever he went.  We enjoyed each other's company.  I will miss him lying by my side, barking to tell me to hurry up that it is time to go, and letting me know it was bedtime and thus, snack time.


There will never be another Duke, so gentle, sweet, handsome and loving.  His handler summed it up for me once after his appearance in the group ring when she told me that he was a great ambassador for the breed.  He made me proud.


Run free my big boy.


Loving you forever. . .



Caroling's Heir Apparent (BG#19500)


6/20/03 - 4/23/12

bred, owned & loved by Carol & Ken Lingley

Harry was the survivor of a three-pup litter, raised as a singleton, with those unique qualities the singles have -- determined, a bit pushy, and enormously loveable.  He was the only combination of our two founding girls, Lille and Nadia, and son of our Rhoda and beloved Stretch.  


He loved to carry things when he moved from run to yard: toy, towel, or purloined blanket, the bigger the better.  He would fold, tuck and cram the object into his mouth, until he had all but swallowed it, and then would swagger to the door, proud as punch of his prize.  Sometimes the blankets would drag the ground and he would trip, but none the matter, he would stumble, hesitate, tuck and cram some more, then be on his merry way.  He even managed such a carry on his final day.


We thought we had won the long battle against the invisible foe that invaded his well-being, and were looking forward to celebrating his ninth birthday in June.  He fought the good fight  for almost a year, and was very, very well on some days, and not so good on others.  Letting him go was incredibly difficult.


Thank you for the gift of your being, Harry James.   You'll be always in our hearts.

Owl Branch Tart of Darkness

3/3/03 - 9/27/11

bred, owned & loved by Valerie Chase & Bill Johnson

Tart, my sound, healthy girl who showed no signs of age, died last night on the way to the emergency clinic. She was killed indirectly by smoke detectors that got set off by the extremely high humidity after weeks of wet weather and heavy fog. Last year, when the dogs were home alone, one went screaming off as its battery died, but kept going as it was the one hooked to the electrical system too. Tart has since freaked when one beeped. When one started beeping yesterday, I took the first one down and then put her in the van while I took down the rest and put them outside. Tart got out of the van when Bill got home and followed him out in front. As he was diabling them, the last one beeped and she took off around back and over the 4 foot fence. She ran in the neighbors yards for about 10 minutes before we could find her coming home with her nice extended trot. She came in the house and settled down. She didn't eat dinner but seemed okay. A look at her gums and I decided she needed help. The proximal cause of death was shock, but a Johns Hopkins necropsy will find what happened. My best guess is that she tore something going over the fence and bled internally. There wasn't a mark on her and no sign that the vets could find of any trauma. Tart hated dog shows (pictured with Heather) and thought obedience class was unpleasant. She loved to explore the pastures each morning at a flying trot and lived the rest of her life upside down on the sofa, hoping for a tummy rub. Both Sumo and Justy seem to know something is wrong. Bill and I are going to miss our counter surfing, woo wooing old girl.

Caroling's Enduring Promise (BG#29209)


11-25-05 - 6-7-11

Bred, owned & loved by Carol & Ken Lingley


After a brief illness,* with barely enough time to realize she was leaving us, we released Hannah from her too short life to join our long list of friends waiting at the Bridge.  She was our constant companion, claiming our family room as hers, and only hers.  She loved to carry things -- food dish, newspaper, "babies."  Hannah had one litter, and we hope her son and daughter will carry us long into the future.  


Our "Enduring Promise" is that we will never forget our beloved Hannah Banana..


*Pathology was inconclusive.  No tumors, no sign of histio. 

Luke Hasenauer - Santera Caroling Look'n Lucky -12-8-99 to 3-14-11

Owned, loved & missed by Sharon & George Hasenauer

We sent our darling boy off to rest, briefly, and then frolic once

again, whole and strong for all time.  He is chasing Frenchie around, catching her by the tail and swinging her to a stop. They were so funny, so....young.


He had increasing difficulty walking, and it was just time, the way they

say you always just know.  He donated neurological tissue for DM studies, and will live on through those dogs and people that he will help. They will be standing on the shoulders of the giant dogs we send lovingly on their way today.

Sleep well, my Wookie, I'll see you in my dreams.

Sharon and George

Zeus Patterson Maycock

12-02-2001 - 12-22-2010

Owned, loved and missed by Marcy Maycock


This photo was taken last year just before our marriage at home.  Zeus was in my closet, overwhelmed by the crowd and, of course, the mere thought of giving me away.  I will always be grateful for his presence, his deep brown understanding eyes, his mischievous antics, and his undying loyalty to our family.  Zeus was a dedicated volunteer for the Montgomery County Health Association.  Every Wednesday morning before I left for work I would remind him, “Don’t forget we have to go to work today.”  He knew exactly what I was talking about.  I would come home early, pick him up, and take him to the gentle souls at Landow House. They would fawn over him each week as if he were a celebrity.  He was.  My baby boy is up in Heaven waiting for us.  We will celebrate his life this weekend with music and photos and stories.

I really like the poem by Eugene O’Neill, from The Last Will & Testament of an Extremely Distinguished Dog:

“One last work of farewell, Dear Master and Mistress.

Whenever you visit my grave,

say to yourselves with regret

but also with happiness in your hearts

at the remembrance of my long happy life with you:

‘here lies one who loved us and whom we loved.’

No matter how deep my sleep I shall hear you,

and not all the power of death

can keep my spirit

from wagging a grateful tail."

Rest in peace, my baby

BISS, Multi Specialty AOMs, BIS Veteran, BISS Veteran,

Ch.Witchways Native Spirit, Reg. Therapy Dog, AKC C.G.C.

9/13/2002 ~ 10/8/2010

Owned, loved and missed by Dorrie Zimmerman
 How do you say goodbye? Spirit excelled in everything and did everything asked of her and did it all with ease... Always happy, loved everyone and everything.  I can remember Spirit's Therapy Dog evaluator said she was the most natural and confident dog she ever tested and “Spirit was born to do this" ...without a doubt.   And that face--I loved her face... She was my dream Bernese.

Lord, I know you keep a special place, And so to you I pray,
For one Special Bernese, who quietly died today.
She was full of strength and love, and so very very wise.
The puppy look she once had, has now left her eyes.
She is dearly missed my Lord, and broke this heart of mine.
She went to join her ancestors, To your land that is so divine.
So speak softly please, And give her a warm hello,

She's a special gift to you Dear Lord...  
From Dorrie, who loved her so.
Aptly named "Spirit" ~ happy to the very end as I held her ~ told her I loved her ~ kissed her goodbye

CH Nico v. Nesselacker CD, RE, DD, HCT, VD, CGC, TDI
06/15/01 - 08/26/10

Owned, loved & missed by Steve & Barbara Yoder



It is with heavy hearts that we report our valiant Nico was helped across the bridge last Thursday, August 26. He had struggled with a very bad case of Lyme disease that left him barely able to get up or walk until we were able to find a way to help him ingest the antibiotics necessary to bring this ravaging disease under control without upsetting his stomach.  But in the end, cancer

took over, leaving him unable to eat or drink. He was alert throughout and we were with him until the last breath. Cindy howled at that moment though she was not physically near him...

We are all trying to adjust to not having his strong, certain presence in our midst. He was always full of humor and determination, but insisted on the privileges he believed belonged to his status as Lord over his girls (except Cindy, who was his mate and partner). Still, he was also sensitive and solicitous toward us all and will be deeply missed

CH Always An Angel  (Cherub)

11-16-00 - 8/22/10

Owned, loved and missed by Sandy & Norb Novocin


On August 22, 2010, we lost our Angel from Norway.  Cherub was my boy and bonded with me the night we rode home from the airport and his trip from Norway.  He sat in my lap the entire way.  His breeders said they named him "Always An Angel " because that reflected his personality.  He lived up to that name. He was a dog who was friendly with everyone and lived a very healthy life.   He was just shy of his 10th birthday .

Kasablanca's French Vanilla  

08/15/99 - 07/28/10

Loved and missed by George & Sharon Hasenauer

We've said goodbye to our dear old girl, “Frenchie”, Kasablanca’s French Vanilla,  just two weeks before her 11th birthday.  For much of her life she was healthy and active, and even caught her first squirrel in the yard a couple of years ago after many tries over the years.

Since the Fall of 2008, she had been battling a number of health issues, and new problems in the past month proved to be more than her little body could deal with.  She hated going to the vets and we took her to so many, ever hopeful of making her well and comfortable.  We decided not to subject her any longer to  these stressful situations. 

We will remember her sweet, gentle nature and her beauty, and the joyful times we shared with her will live always in our hearts.

CH Caroling's Kindred Spirit (BG#36920)

08/13/01 - 06/03/10

bred, owned, loved & missed by

 Carol & Ken Lingley


Kinder was one of the most sound dogs we've known.  From pup to veteran, we never saw her put a foot wrong.  A bouncy, barky, energetic girl, she finished her AKC Championship with two four-point and two three-point majors, all from the Bred By Exhibitor classes.  Unfortunately, we were never successful in getting her bred, so have to look to her nieces and nephews for physical reminders; but she was one of a kind and gave us many happy memories.  True to her nature, she left us quickly, going from her usual bossy, happy self, to having a foot on the Bridge in two days.  Diagnosis is pending pathology.

Das Kristall Brotchen, CD, CDX, RN, RA, RE, CGC, TDI

5/3/01 – 5/7/10

Loved and missed by Pete Williams and Bill Davis


Her name stood for “The Crystall Gem” and from day one Crystall was a special girl.  Born with very poor structure she still managed to excel in obedience and rally. She loved to be in the show ring and you could expect high scores every time she performed.  Crystall's greatest feat was the HIT at the Potomac Valley Specialty in 2006.  She was almost ready for Utility when DM took away her ability to jump.  We brought her to Howard County just to watch the obedience trials and when she got tired we put her in the truck to rest.  Mad at not going in the ring she destroyed the bed liner.  Crystall is part of the DM study and though we miss her very much, hopefully she can help others in the future.

Lord Fairfax Bear RN, RA, RE, CGC

11/26/00 - 4/3/10

Loved and missed by Pete Williams and Bill Davis

I would have said owned but I think he just shared  his life with us.  From day one Bear had his bear voice; no matter what we did or who we met Bear always had something to say about it.  He loved to go to the shows, but not to be shown, just to visit.  We were going after the last leg of the CD, which he decided not to do.  I remember one cold day doing the heeling and just knowing he was there, when the judge said “about” and I saw him sitting on her feet.  For all his size he was one big baby and is surely missed.

Snowking's Bold Lightning RN, therapy dog

5/28/02 - 3/4/10

Loved and missed way too soon by the Korotki and Genendlis families


Lightning was helped to the bridge by Robin and Matt because of the effects of prostatic carcinoma which he had fought valiantly for over four  months.  Lightning was everything to Matt, his best friend, teacher, partner, 4-H, AKC and UKC show buddy.  To Robin, he was her heart dog, he could always make her laugh and was always there to greet her first with a wagging tail and a smile.  

Falkental's Quelle Pinache, CD RA - Annie

1/6/01 - 1/1/10

owned and missed by Jim & Peggy Barrett

Peggy and I put Annie down on New Year's Day. Up till that 24 hours, she remained happy and wagged her tail with vigor. She was just days short of her 9th birthday. While I am personally proud of the way Annie eventually (!) earned an obedience title, I think her best achievement was as mother to 7 puppies. Her hormones kicked right in and she knew what to do. Which is fortunate because, as a typical guy, I was clueless.

Owl Branch Saddle My Pony CD RN 

10/03/01 - 11/5/09

bred & co-owned by Valerie Chase & Bill Johnson

Sadie, aka Mini Mutt, born October 3, 2001, crossed the bridge November 5, 2009, surrounded by Valerie and her adopted family. She was suffering from a rapidly growing cancer (biopsy said undifferentiated cells). Sadie was small but mighty, feared by squirrels. ground hogs and deer alike. Though Bill and Valerie loved her dearly, they placed her with the Randalls when they lost her sister Hollis several years ago. Sadie's life became far more interesting with the Randalls, running through the woods with her three cross-country star human sisters, vacationing in Maine and New Hampshire with an extended family each summer and sharing the Randall's big patch of woods with their now two-year old Berner, Darcy. Sadie went downhill very suddenly. Valerie and Bill are grateful to have had her back as a house guest in late August so she could improve Justy's squirrel chasing skills.

Ch Owl Branch Double Whammy CD RE

03/03/03 - 10/6/09

bred, owned & missed by Valerie Chase & Bill Johnson

Dude crossed the bridge last night after 3 months of fighting neuroendocrine carcinoma in his muzzle.  He never stopped being the loving pooch that he was. He passed every health and behavior test, including the potential DM genetic test (BMD-DM47/77M-PI), never met a kid he didn't love, was a total ham in the show ring with a 2007 Eukanuba invitation and a wonderful buddy in anything he was asked to do. He was getting better at draft, doing the back up 3 steps in heel position with his cart. He was our ideal Berner. 

Valerie and Bill

BG #19115 multiple CHICs             

Beowulf’s Saraphina

01/03/2000 ~ 09/19/2009

owned & missed by Dick & Carmelita White


Last Saturday morning, Sarah and I took our last car ride together. 

Sarah was a good girl.  Always happy and certainly convinced that she came first before any other dog, person or being of any sort.  She was quite lovely and grudgingly became the mother of one litter.  If a dog’s face could express shock and horror, Sarah’s certainly would have when the realization dawned that she was supposed to clean and nurture the puppies in addition to feeding them.  Fortunately for all (and certainly for the puppies), Gudrune (Greater Swiss) was waiting anxiously in the wings to assume care, custody and control of the pups. 


While her actual passing was a cause for tears, hers is not a sad tale.  Sarah lived a charmed life and was greatly admired and loved by all who knew her.  She literally skipped thru all but the last three weeks of her life.  I wish she could have skipped a while longer. 

We miss you silly girl.

Santera Alpine Dancer 12/12/96 - 6/19/09

owned & missed by Sarah Morrison & Thomas Kern


Alpine touched all with his gentleness, with his striking looks, his stoicism in the face of belated dinners and little ones of all ages poking, petting, and cuddling the cutest dog on the block.  And most of all, he moved us with his unconditional love, a lesson we might all embrace. The affection he offered us for 12 and ½ years was innocent, insistent, genuine, and boundless.  With a debt of gratitude to Sandy Novocin his breeder, we had been given a gift of joy that filled our lives for over a decade—a dog with no apparent shortcomings.


We miss Alpine terribly and ache in his absence.  But we are better for his life with us and celebrate his having touched us all.

Bailey's Swiss Cream, 12/13/01 - 8/17/09 

loved and missed by David & Cheryl Casnoff

Bailey was a very special Berner.  He was afraid of the clothes dryer, coughing, sneezing and metal pie plates.  He loved sleeping on cold tile floors in bathrooms, no matter where we were.  He loved his trips to Florida, riding in the car for two days up and back with his brother, Kerry, the Bouvier, without ever getting in each other's way.  He had the energy of a puppy, up until his last day with us.  He loved his stuffed "babies" and cuddled with them every day.  Most of all, he loved his parents who will miss him dearly.

CH Caroling In The Treetop - Lark        

August 9, 1998 - June 16, 2009      (BG#35182)

beloved friend of Carol & Ken Lingley


Lark was our first homebred champion, all points from the Bred By Exhibitor class.  She was dam of three Caroling champions, mother of 13 pups, all surviving, save one, at ages 8, 6 & 5.  Lark loved everyone and loved to go to shows where she could meet new friends.  She was a loving mom and especially  fond of her granddaughter, Hannah.  At 10 years, 10 months, she interacted daily with her great grandchildren as she surveyed her domain from her bed in the kitchen.  


We will always remember our Larky Bird and are grateful for the full life she shared with us.  Lark was euthanized due to the effects of advanced degenerative myelopathy.  Her last gift to the breed was donation of spinal tissue to Dr. Joan Coates' DM research at the Univ of MO.

CH Witchway's The Sorcerer - Hagrid (BG#36767)

November 13, 2000 - January 19, 2009

owned by Joyce Dickhoff, loved and missed by the whole family


Hagrid was my from my first litter and it was the grandchildren that decided to name him Hagrid.  What was a Hagrid, I wondered. I soon learned that he was a very gentle, large dog with a heart as big as he was. Hagrid lived his life showing those grandchildren how to love a dog. He was my daughter's dog and then my granddaughter's obedience dog and then the keeper of my husband, who has Alzheimer's.  He passed away suddenly, not being sick at all. When I woke this morning he was not at the steps to greet me and when I found him I could see he was leaving us to cross over the Bridge.  Amy was here to say good bye; she had just groomed him and used girly spray to make him smell better. Like any Berner he was patient and  Amy could do anything to him. So we all said our good bye's and knew he would be with Jacquie very soon, taking care of her and the other Berner girls that have gone over the Bridge. 

My life will not be the same but it was blessed with having him in it for this long.


Joyce Dickhoff   

Witchway Berner's 

Ottavia vom Worblental (TAVI)  CD RE TD MDD BDD3 JHD-s HTAD  BMDCA Working Dog     

9 May 2005 – 19 Dec 2008  

faithful companion of Buck and Priscilla Sykes

TAVI earned the Novice Draft Dog title on her second birthday, becoming BMDCA’s youngest Working Dog.  And WoW! – she did it all.  But to describe TAVI in terms of titles, is like talking about a mountain stream in terms of a leaf flowing atop its surface.  The more important part ‘what goes on underneath’ – in the nooks, crannies and currents of the stream – and in the love, trust, communication and experiences that are nurtured between a good Bernese Working Dog and her Companion.  TAVI arose each morning, prepared for anything that day would bring.  She trusted me with her life, and I would give her mine.  We learned to communicate, and she taught me to listen for what she had to say.  Oh TAVI, if tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane, I’d walk right up to heaven and bring you back – so we could do it all over again.  God Bless you TAVI, we will meet you at the Bridge.

Caroling's Road To Love (BG#36916)

January 11, 1999 - November 30, 2008

bred, owned and loved by Carol & Ken Lingley


What to say about Angel.  A diminutive Berner with a giant spirit and attitude.  Never comfortable with strangers which made it easy to selfishly keep her with us as a pup, a decision not regretted for a moment.  A superb heeler with flying sits that made the best obedience trainers sit up and take notice.  Loved agility and had glue on her feet when it came to the obstacles; soared over, under and in between as long as mom was keeping up with her.  She made us laugh with her antics -- a scatter rug was one of her favorite toys to tear into, shake and roll into a knot.  She claimed our bed when we weren't in the room -- it will be awhile before I'll replace the mattress cover with the big hole in the center that she designed.  She was good at squeezing under fences but when she got on the other side, she was dismayed that she was fenced out and would raise a ruckus until we rescued her.  She gave us almost ten years, but we wanted more.  She hid her illness until her last few days, and even then we were surprised that the end had come. 


Rest well, little girl.  We're missing you.

Hoffhund Just For Mia

 March 15, 1997 - October 2, 2008

bred, owned and loved by Sue and Herb Hoffman
We lost our dear girl earlier this month to Lymphoma. She had her 11 1/2 birthday in September and had enjoyed remarkably good health until the last week. She was the last of our breeding. Since the death of her Mother three years ago, she had been our only dog, the first time this had been the case in over forty years. She was our constant, beloved companion and friend. 
Mia became quite the traveler and, in typical Berner fashion, made friends wherever she went all over the USA and into Canada with us in the RV. Last May she traveled to the National Specialty in Rhode Island with Maria Crifasi and me. She loved returning to the ring as a Veteran (almost as much as her Veteran owner!) and gathered some pretty ribbons. 
Mia knew my every mood. I know my heart will eventually heal, but her memory will always be part of me. 
Good-bye sweet Mia. 

Sommerfeld's Celebrindel 

March 31, 1997 - July 14, 2008

Today, we helped our beloved Celly over the Bridge. Both her spirit and body were ready, though we were not. She was surrounded by family and friends and leaned her soft head against Angelo's feet for one last time. We asked her to tell Danny and Ber that we miss them and to wait for us. As she was our official greeter and always a gentle lady, we think of her now greeting all as they too continue their next leg. We celebrate the wonderful years we had together, craving for more, but knowing those we shared were as full as can be. We will miss her gentle sweet, sweet ways. 

Bob and Georgeann Reeve and Family 

Witchways Sky Rockets in Flight - "Skye" (BG59072)

March 7, 2007 - June 18, 2008
owned & loved by Joyce Dickhoff & Amy Briggs


What do you say when you lose such a lovely puppy so young. Skye was my granddaughter's dog and they had started to work in obedience when Skye was 4 months of age and did so nicely at the Carroll Co. Fair. Amy was working Skye off leash and was looking forward to knocking the socks off the other kids at the Fair this year. Skye got sick a week ago and I spent most of that time looking for someone who knew what the problem was. Well, last night we found out and this morning we helped Skye cross the bridge. Skye had given me a scare when she was about 10 weeks of age with a tick bite that paralyzed her but she had gotten over that. Being the owner and breeder of this breed can be hard but being the love of this dog is easy.


"It came to me that every time I lose a dog they take a piece of my heart with them. And every new dog who comes into my life gifts me with a piece of their heart. If I live long enough, all the components of my heart will be dog, and I will become as generous and loving as they are."  ~Cheryl Zuccaro

Caroling Out Of The Woods (BG#36914)

August 9, 1998 - June 2, 2008

co-bred, owned & loved by Carol & Ken Lingley


Chip was our miracle pup, pulled back from the brink of death when he had emergency surgery for an intussussception at ten weeks of age.  He found his wonderful family after full recovery at five months, and spent an idyllic life with his beloved folks for almost seven years.  Dubbed Sipowitz, he had many adventures with his Golden Retriever housemate, Marley.  Sadly, when almost seven Chip began displaying symptoms of degenerative myelopathy  which caused him to have embarrassing accidents in the house.  When a new human baby arrived that summer, reluctantly Chip's owners realized that they were not able to keep him cleaned up and comfortable, so made the agonizing decision to return him to us to live out his final days.  That was almost two years ago. Although eventually losing his ability to walk, Chip never seemed phased by the indignities of his progressing disease.  He loved to eat right till the end.  He was the epitome of courage and fortitude.  Caring for  his every need was a privilege.  We will miss him so.

Ch. Caroling's Southern Cousin (BG#36921)

August 13, 2001 - March 15, 2008

bred, owned & loved by Carol & Ken Lingley


Our sweetest boy, Alabama, left us suddenly last Saturday after a brief illness.  There is a large black hole in our pack and hearts.  He had a good day on Friday, finally eating, albeit hand fed treats, playing with  his new Wubba, retrieving his toss toy for his dad (his favorite game), and standing on his tippy-toes to flirt with his girlfriend du jour.  


Bama finished his Championship with all points from the Bred By Exhibitor class.  He sired one litter of pups now 13 mos. old.  We hope through them to have many glimpses of our beloved boy.


He has put on invisibility.

Dear Lord, I cannot see--

but this I know, although the road ascends

and passes from my sight,

that there will be no night; 

that You will take him gently by the hand

and lead him on along the road of life that never ends,

and he will find it is not death but dawn.  

I do not doubt that You are there as here, 

and You will hold him dear.

(from The Traveler, by James Dillet Freeman)

Santera’s Bibiana v Beowulf

February 3, 1996 ~ September 10, 2007


After eleven wonderful years, Bibbi left us today.  She was born at John and Gloria Woodson’s and came to our house as the sweetest, frizzy puppy imaginable.  Very quickly (very), she grew to be a big, gorgeous girl.


Bibbi’s gift was companionship.  She really knew how to be with you.  For the past six years, she shared my studio with me.  While she loved all the knitting, sewing, felting, painting, public radio and classical music – her favorite thing was when I would break out the snacks.  That girl knew her snacks…  White wine? Not so much.  Cheese and crackers?  Now you had her full attention. 


Letting go is never easy, even when you know the time is right.  Bibbi was greatly loved and it’s hard to express just how much she will be missed.


Dick and Carmelita White

October's Smokestack Lightnin', CD, NDD, RAE2

May 21, 1998 - August 31, 2007

Owned and loved by Valerie Chase and Bill Johnson


We took Lightning to the Bridge today and sent her on across to wait. I have loved all of our dogs, but Lightning was the one I have done the most things with. She was 9 yrs, 3 months and 10 days old. While she was the queen of winners reserve, she earned a CD and NDD and was the first RAE Berner and the only RAE 2 Berner. She has had 20 kids and has 4 grandkids. We traveled to 3 National Specialties together as well as lots of shows. She earned her 26th RAE leg in Kentucky in May, one week shy of her 9th birthday, but it was clear she was slowing down. She was diagonosed with lymphosarcoma in early June, but has never stopped wagging her tail and looking for a pet while things got slowly worse. Her DNA and blood was collected for the MSU repository at the National this year and frozen and preserved tissues will be sent. She never met a human she didn't like or that she couldn't get to pet her. We will miss her horribly.

Bedro's Cinnamon Daisy OA, NAJ, OAP, NJP

June 12, 1999 - May 28, 2007

My Daisy fought a tough battle but again got aspiration pneumonia this past Thursday.  The vet gave her a strong prescription of antibiotics in hopes that she would make it through the weekend -- my daughter's wedding was on Saturday.  And Daisy did make it to the wedding but this morning, with a very high fever and a tired body, we helped her to the Bridge where the Budman was waiting for his favorite girl.  With her soft coat shining, she lay peacefully, so utterly beautiful.

I have so many wonderful memories of her that even now I smile.  To all of you who loved her through her stories, thank you.  She was my soul mate, the other half of my smile -- the ink in my pen.

Always in the hearts of

Maria & Jack Crifasi

Hayfield’s Grand Juniper
March 24, 2000 – March 5, 2007

Today I lost my best friend.  Juniper was my first
Berner, my first show dog (owner handled to 14 points,
both majors), my first CGC dog and my first therapy
dog but above all he was my best friend and the one thing I loved more than anything in this world.

It is believed that Malignant Histiocytosis took him from me.  His preliminary diagnosis was found on Friday, 3/2.   His lungs and chest filled very quickly with fluid.  He was put on Lasix and had fluid drained
twice but by this morning he was fading fast and I couldn’t bear to see him struggle to breathe anymore. He was helped to the bridge at 9:30 am.  Samples of the tumor and blood will be sent to Dr. Breen @ NCSU
so that someday this will not happen to someone else’s best friend.

Farewell my sweet big head boy.
Robin Kelly
Berryville, VA


Ch. De-Li's Cast A Magic Spell   September 15, 2001 - April 1, 2007
Breeder, Joyce Dickhoff  -  Owners, Joyce Dickhoff and Lilian Ostermiller

On April 1st 2007, Ch De-Li's Cast a Magic Spell crossed the bridge to join Jacquie.  Magic was just like his name, he was pure Magic.  He was
the first dog I bred to go to a National and win his class.  He came to live with me when Lilian moved, and stayed until he was finished by me.
He was bred for the first time in 2004 and gave me "My Genie" who brought with her all of Daddy's love.  He lived with Lilian but never
forgot me, for when I came to visit he  already knew I was there -- he was the dog jumping up and down looking for me.  He like so many died of Histio and it came too fast and too soon.  Magic was only 5 years young and still had so much love to give.  He will be missed by both Lilian and me, but we both know he will be loved on the other side.

Moonkatch Sam Eduardoa Bipaco

May 12, 1995 - June 6, 2006

owned, loved & missed by Ana Colon


"Sam, Samuel, Sammy, Samito," my sweet boy.  Sammy taught me about the simplicity of life and to laugh everyday.  He came to me as a puppy in 1995 and we had 11 wonderful years together.  I thank God for all that we shared, and for his precious eyes that reflected the sweetness of his soul.  He lives in my heart forever.  Thank you, baba boy.

CH. Wyemede's Checkered Flag (Checker)

December 25, 2000 - July 14. 2006

Checker passed away on Friday evening July 14, at 9:30 PM.  He was with me and my family, who loved him dearly.  He went peacefully, and died the same way he came into this world, as a gentleman  He made my job easier even at the end--I did not have to make the choice.  He was such a joy and died way too young.  Up to a few days before he died, Checker would hear me get home from work and come to the door and bark.  His bark will be greatly missed--he sounded like a seal--and how he could bark and hold his toys in his month at the same time was amazing.  He would grab whatever he could, pillows, blanket, toys, and with his tail going, he would wait to be kissed on his head.   I tell you this was the hardest thing to go through and he will be greatly missed by all.  He tried hard to teach manners to the other dogs, but none will be the gentleman he was.  I want to thank Julia and Elizabeth Crawford for trusting me with this great gentleman.  One day we will all be together again.   I love you Checker.


Brenda Bernard

Dogwoods Jewel In The Crown (Katie, Miss Kate, Stick Tail)

July 19, 1996 - July 12, 2006


The passage of time simply caught up with our sweet girl. 


Katie was a wonderful companion (she and I made the trip together to the Colorado Specialty when she was ten months old -- and adventure I assure you!), she was always Dick's favorite and (this is important) she maintained her top dog status at our house right up to the end of her life.  She was such an interesting mix of sweetness and determination!


Always loved and greatly missed by,

Dick and Carmelita White

R.I.P. Fronny vom Worblental (Fronny) CD, RE, TD, CGC, JHD-s, DD, BDD, BMDCA 'Working Dog'  25 Nov 2001 - 21 May 2006 -- faithful Companion of Priscilla and Buck.  

Words cannot express our sadness and how much we miss our 'Fron-Meister.'  She was our middle-child; she never got the praise of a first-born, but Ooh how she could earn titles with her mom.  She was shy; yet she loved her mom unconditionally.  She was the BMDCA's youngest Brace Draft Dog (BNDD and BDD), and a good Tracking Dog.  She was a working dog with a capital 'W', she was our companion with a capital 'C'.  She was our baby with a capital 'B.'  Tho our world seems empty now, we have been blessed with 4 1/2 wonderful years of Fronny's love and companionship.  For that we will be forever grateful.  God Bless you Fronny.  We will take good care of your niece, Tavy, and we will look forward to a couple of big 'berner-hugs' from you and Molly B. at the Bridge.

Nor-Ham's Snowking By Thunder CD, CGC, therapy dog, owned by Robin Korotki and who was loved by anyone who met him

We are all so devestated by the loss of our beloved Thunder, at 7 years 4 months on Monday, April 11th.  He died in my lap.  The vets don't know what happened, he had been sick over six weeks but had been steadily improving, he didn't have histio, lymphoma or other cancers and his blood was normal in all aspects, even the tick studies were negative.  

His big beautiful face and wonderful personality and cuddly nature are deeply missed by Saul, Elaine, Robin, Matt, Leo and Storm and Lightning who keep looking through the house for their dad.  He was just a wonderful boy , 

R.I.P. Debby vom Worblental (Molly B.) CDX, CGC, TDI, JHD-s, DD, BDD, BMDCA 'Working Dog' 11 Jul 2000 - 24 Feb 2006 -- faithful Companion of Buck and Priscilla. 

Words cannot express our sadness and how much we miss our 'Moo'.  She taught us with love.  She was a working dog with a capital 'W', she was our companion with a capital 'C'. Tho our world seems empty now, we have been blessed with 5 1/2 wonderful years of Molly B's love and companionship.  We also enjoy continuing love and companionship of Molly B's half-sister, 'Fronny' and niece, 'Tavy'.  For that we will be forever grateful. 

God Bless you Molly B, we will meet you at the Bridge.

Caroling's Octave Above - "Stretch" (BG36906)

April 20, 1997 - December 16, 2005

sorely missed by Carol & Ken Lingley


Stretch proved the old saw of be careful what you name your dog.  He was a big pup and "stretched" into a big, tall, long adult.  He was our number one houseboy, sticking to us like glue, making us smile with his antics, greeting visitors and demonstrating Berner traits to prospective puppy owners.  He left us after an almost year-long bout with bone cancer.  A courageous boy who never lost his good nature or his ability to make us smile.  

Ch Snowpals Frisco, C.D.                    John William Abrell

Nov 7, 1995 - Oct 24, 2005                 Aug 30, 1936 - Dec 2, 2001


It is with a heavy heart that I tell you of the loss of my beloved Frisco, on Monday, October 24, 2005. Euthanized following a struggle with histiocytic sarcoma, he was just two weeks short of his 10th birthday---a much better than average longevity for this breed.
I believe that anyone who has lived with multiple dogs in his or her life always has that one uniquely special, once in a lifetime dog, and, unquestionably, Frisco was ours. He made his "uniquely special" personality quite clear fairly early in his life, when he won over Jack, who had always placed the Siberians first in his heart. Their bonding even extended to Frisco taking Jack to obedience training classes, and as a courtesy to Jack, earning his Companion Dog title. Jack would often take Frisco along when he went to visit his elderly aunts. Frisco's gentlemanly demeanor and his loving and gentle nature made him many friends. He was a paw-crosser, which simply enhanced his regal appearance. After Jack's death in December, 2001, Frisco saw that there was a huge empty place in my life and, seeing a need, he said, "I can help you." He moved right into my life and my heart, and was a wonderful friend and companion to me, bringing me moments of joy when I most needed them. His presence was a bright light in a very dark period of my life. Sometimes I just reached out and hugged him, and the one kiss he gave would make me smile. I always felt safe, secure, and loved with him there, and I know that I was truly blessed to have had him for as long as I did. 
Elinor Abrell 
In Loving Memory
To Frisco and Jack: Some come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay 
awhile and help us become more than we ever were before. They leave 
footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same.

Caroling's Taking The Hi Road - "Rhoda" (BG#35905)                             

January 11, 1999 - September 3, 2005

loved and missed by Carol & Ken Lingley


Our sweet Rhoda, who fought the good fight but lost to adeno carcinoma, was the image of her mother, our first Berner Lille .  Rhoda had a good time wherever she went.  She had a brief show career and held her own, but her favorite sport was hanging around her yard and catching treats over the fence.  She was a great mom to her one small litter, the only girl we've had that carried her babies around in her mouth.  


Thank you, Ro, for your devotion and life's lessons.

Caroling's Road Warrior - "Van" (BG#36918)

January 11, 1999 - July 18, 2005

dearly loved and forever missed by Carol & Ken Lingley


He fought his first fight on his way to us
He lost his right ear in a prenatal fuss
His suckle was weak because his mouth was not perfect
But he held tight his bottle ‘til his belly was surfeit.

He grew full size, handsome and strong
If you looked from his left you saw nothing wrong
Markings all great, back broad and sturdy
A coat long and lush, big feet, usually dirty.

The lessons he taught will stay here forever
He was brave beyond measure and very clever
His nose always running from the congenital slip
He learned to cope with the sneezing and drip

He drank like a turkey, sip, tip up the nose
And he especially enjoyed a drink from the hose.
He ran like the wind and loved to race
But lounging with sisters was his preferred pace

Six years and half was too short a span
But that’s all we got with our beloved Van.
He’s laying out back now with his mom at his feet
Rest well, our sweet boy, until again we shall meet.

Ch. Santera Nadia's Sonata - "Nadia" (BG#13978)

April 17, 1994 - July 8, 2005

loved & missed by Carol & Ken Lingley

 She did everything asked of her, and more.  Without complaint she endured the indignities of old age that ruled her last months.  A show dog that stood on her tiptoes in anticipation of going in the ring.  A champion tailwagger who made helicopter tails while lying on a table being tattooed.  A brood bitch that never met a boy she didn't love.  A  free-whelper of three litters of pups who replicated her endearing, exuberant  personality, and a courageous mom who once steadfastly nursed her babies while suffering from a nasty episode of mastitis.   

   She has left us a wonderful legacy in her children and grandchildren, but we doubt we'll ever know another quite like our Noddy.  Our thanks to her co-owner Sandy Novocin for letting her come live with us in 1996 and to Norb Novocin whom she adored.

Ch. Dallybeck's Obvious Choice, July 13, 1994 - July 8, 2005

 owned, loved and missed by Michael O'Hara

How sad that Michael has had to say farewell to two of his beloved boys in five short weeks: Willie back in May, and now Ty who was just five days short of his 11th birthday.  "Sometimes I have to pause and remember all the joy and love that God has granted me during the past 24 years.  The passing of each of my wonderful dogs has been such a loss that only the great love I have known and the great joy that each of my Berners has given me allows me to know that I am the lucky one."  

Our deepest sympathy, Michael.  

Santera Rangero v. Crest 

February 3, 1996 - July 4, 2005

owned, loved and missed by 

Kate Perry & Tom Sundstrom

On Monday, Tom and I held and comforted our dearly loved Ranger as he passed from this world.  He was 9 1/2, and, although many say that is a good long life for a Berner, it seems far too short to me.  Ranger came to us after spending his first two years with Sandy and Norb Novocin at Santera Kennel.  He was, at first, glad to have Bear (our beloved Golden Retriever) as his new friend, but wasn't at all sure about the new humans.  After a few weeks, he decided that we were OK and a more loving or fiercely loyal boy would not be found.  Over time, our very shy boy, who would bark once then run outside when a visitor arrived, became eager to greet and was first in line for a pet and a scratch.

   Ranger filled our home with his magnificent presence, amused us with his playfulness and from time to time enjoyed a midnight snack unwittingly left too close to the edge of a counter.  He enjoyed Dog Fancybut his all time favorite snack was Tom's eyeglasses.

   When he ran, I was in awe of his grace and beauty.  When he stood tall, I was moved by his grand stature.  When he snuggled, I was warmed by his love and devotion.  When he passed, I was broken hearted.  He was my sweet-tempered gentle giant and loved by all who knew him.  We will forever love and miss him.

Ch. Dallybeck's Wm the Conquerer, November 26, 1996 - May 31, 2005

owned, loved and missed by Michael O'Hara

Michael posted the news, "It is with great sadness that I report the passing of my sweet boy.  We kissed each other farewell, and I held him close and then he crossed over the bridge, to romp and play with those who have gone before him.  My welcome home will no longer be so "bountiful" and "melodious" and my kiss goodnight will be forever missed, but it was his time."

Ch Bonmead's Frieda V Ravenswald, April 12, 1992 - March 5, 2005

Ravenswald My Love V Bonmead, September 26, 1997 - May 1, 2005

owned, loved and missed by Kathryn & Darrell Yost


Kathryn writes, "I lost Frieda Mae on March 5, five weeks shy of 13 years.  She was my first champion, mother of two litters of beloved puppies, a challenge to live with, but a character we would not have wanted to live without.  Her appetite had been falling off and her senior moments had been increasing and finally her knees gave out.  She is now running wild and free across the fields of heaven.


"And I am still in denial about losing her daughter, Hazel, on May 1.  Hazel was only 7 1/2 years.  After Frieda passed, Hazel got sick and just a few weeks later we were considering chemo for lymphoma.  Hazel herself "said" no, and almost before I knew it, she was gone, out of pain and chasing squirrels in heaven.  She was very special to me; she enjoyed her therapy work when we lived in Georgia and the agility classes we took here.


"Take lots of photos of your dogs and don't put off something till you have more time/more money, etc., 'cuz your dog may not be here when that time finally comes."

Summerfelds' Apple of My Eye ("Pippin") CD, NDD, TDIA, freestyle diva, January 12, 1995 - May 23, 2005   

 owned and loved by Peggy & Jim Barrett

She trained me with love.
For that I'll ever be grateful. (Jim Barrett)


Pat Long wrote this lovely tribute and gave us permission to reprint it here.

"I would like to say a few words about this  photo.   More than any other photo I've ever seen, this epitomizes for me the special bond between people and their Berners. Jim Barrett and Pippin always had such a
special bond, as was apparent to anyone who watched them work. His quiet guidance and smile always worked well for Pippin, who probably would have walked happily through fire if Jim asked her to. Which of course he never would!  Now let me explain that this shot was taken after they failed to qualify in obedience competition at the 1998 National Specialty in Rhode Island. The joy that each shows in the company of the other is what owning a dog, and in particular a Berner, is all about for me.

Pip left Jim to romp at the Bridge this week. She was diagnosed with bladder cancer sometime back, and has done a marvelous job of staying with Jim and Peggy just as long as she could. She's led a charmed life, working in all sorts of venues with a man who adored her.

Ch. Greenway's Genuine Draft, January 8, 2001 - April 22, 2005

owned and loved by Maria & Jack Crifasi

Today shortly after the noon hour we held Buddy as he passed to the Bridge.  Jack and I buried him facing east by the old stonewall under the trees.  Buddy was my gentle giant, my protector, my angel.  Did you know that his stop smelled like fabric softener, and that he had the biggest, warmest brown eyes?

He played hard and he worked hard -- hauling firewood in his cart through the woods, removing any and all sponges and paper towels from the counter, teaching Justin that Come! means Don't Listen, showing people that a big Berner can have fabulous floating movement....

CH Greenway's Genuine Draft CGC "The Budman" is now at the Bridge gleefully chasing all the females.  Trust me.


Buddy's friend Janice Parky wrote the following tribute.

For those of you who never had the pleasure of meeting Buddy, he was an amazing Berner Boy.  Buddy got his Championship in 4 shows. Amazing. He ate socks.  Not so amazing. The amazing Buddy ate a sherpa mop which festered inside him for six weeks until it was surgically removed. That was Buddy.  Buddy was also a big, wonderful boy who moved like a dream, and had a temperament I would wish for all Berners.  The first time I met Buddy (and Maria and Daisy and Jack) was on a visit here to the Cape. Buddy and Daisy's first ocean experience. We took the dogs to the bay, a southwest wind was kicking up the waves. I said to Maria, "Lots of dogs are afraid of the waves". Buddy plunged in. Maria said, "I don't see fear here." Then he started to swim across the bay from Truro towards Provincetown. Maria is screaming, "Buddy COME!! Jack, Jack do something!!!" At which point Buddy turned around and headed, of his own free will, towards the shore. I have this on video, up to the part where Maria dropped the camera <G>. That was Buddy.  Goodnight sweet Prince, my Super Nova

I had the privilege of being in the conformation ring with Buddy beginning in November 2002 when Buddy swept the points in three straight major wins at the Turkey Cluster, earning twelve points in three days.  Bud continued his winning streak the following weekend by winning Best of Breed over Specials and a Group 4 placement, completing his Champion of Record title in just four shows!  Bud went on to many more breed wins and Group placements, but it wasn't surprising that this awesome boy was recognized by the judges.  His personality filled every inch of his amazing stature.  Although we had to have several woodshed talks  about ring etiquette (no these girls are not here to see you, and BUDDY, THAT 'S A MALE, and please don't knock the decorations down on the way out), when he was focused and on his game, he was simply magnificent.  Thank you, Budman, for some very special memories.  You will always be in my heart.     Carol Lingley

"The gift I am sending you is called a dog, and is in fact the most precious and valuable possession of mankind"  Theodorus Gaza


Fred Burr - January 15, 1998 - January 29, 2005

beloved companion of Pope Burr passed gently and peacefully from this world on Saturday afternoon atop Sugarloaf Mountain in the arms of the one who was most dear to him.  Pope writes that "Fred had a loving family and a devoted group of human friends and I will miss my boy for some time to come - thank you God for loaning me your dog." 

Fred's picture was taken Christmas 2002 at the west overview on Sugarloaf, just a few feet from where he passed. 


Sharon Hasenauer wrote the following for Fred.


Eulegy for Fred, a Bernese Mountain Dog

When shall my heart break?

When shall it be?

How far that day when that snowy breast shall rise no more

And those bright brown eyes dim and close in final peace?


Will I help you to that rest or awake to find you've gone ahead

During the night's dark embrace?

When the last time I kiss your sweet head as my tears flow,

And hold you once more in my arms, can I let you go?


Every day together is a lifetime if we make it so,

A treasure for all the tomorrows after you go.

When shall my heart break?

When shall it be?

Santera Ria Remembrance

June 1995 - March 2004

owned by Sandy & Norb Novocin

 Our Remi leaves another void in our home. It never gets easier. We lost her mother, Tempi, the year before and thought we had many more years with Remi but it was not to be.  Remi was the one who loved her toys and always had one in her mouth. What a gentle girl with both her toys and the pups she gave us.  Interestingly enough, most of her offspring love their toys as much as she did. Those offspring that we have here continue to carry them around all over the house.
Remi, like her dam, proved to be a good mom and gave us some lovely sons and daughters. Some of her offspring include Ch. Santera Santos v Crest, Ch. Santera I'm A Believer Still, Ch. Santera Kobi v Crest, Ch. Santera's Millennium Vintage, and Santera Evening Masquerade (8pts. and dam of the history making litter of 18 pups born alive in one litter).
We were very proud of her and miss her greatly.

Dallybeck's Not Misbehavin'
a.k.a. Silly Lilly, Miss Lillian, LilBil
June 13, 1994 - October 4, 2004

On Monday, October 4, 2004 we lost the jewel of our household, Lilly. Always sweet, a perfect companion, an outstanding mother (even if they weren't her own pups!) and playful til the end. 

Lilly awaits us at Heaven's Gate along with her four daughters Zoe, Wally, Petie and Bubbles. What a wonderful welcoming committee!

Love to you Miss Lilly.
Dick and Carmelita White

Beowulf's Goodnight Moon -- Tina

6/26/98 - 4/1/04

Owned and loved by Dick and Carmelita White

Monday, April 1, 2004 we lost Tina to complications from lymes disease. 

Tina's story is remarkable in that she was discovered to have a very large fibrosarcoma tumor that extended amost the full length of her left front leg when she was eighteen months old. It was sucessfully removed but the prognosis for her living much beyond the next year was considered very poor at best. True to her nature, very sweet and determined, Tina recovered and lived a happy life as our official 'pet' berner. Never bred, never shown -- just loved.

Goodnight sweet Tina, we'll see you at the Bridge.

Dallybeck’s Ramblin’ Monk, NDD, CGC

 June 9, 1995 to March 31, 2004

Resting peacefully after a long haul.

We gave Monk a carting name – Ramblin’- because we knew that would be “our” sport.

Monk never knew the word “slow”. He always challenged his handler to keep up. Although Monk and I did manage to get one qualifying leg for Novice Obedience, Monk’s real calling was in pulling the cart. He loved drafting and was eager to do anything with me as long as he had the cart attached. That was his “work”. Monk understood how to line up for the obstacles – he was there ahead of me most of the time. He was never afraid to try something new, as long as I asked him to “come”.

Unfortunately Monk tore a Cruciate Ligament pulling a steep hill during an Open Draft Test. This ended his drafting campaign. Synovial Cell Sarcoma was discovered during his leg operation. After a chemo protocol was given, we were rewarded with 40 more months of Monk’s companionship before his hind legs just gave out.

Monk’s second job was to keep us all, dogs and humans, on The Schedule. He had a built-in clock and let us know when it was time to do something – feed, walk, sleep. Now we are just wandering without him.

Monk was also the official “greeter” at all our Bernerfests and Drafting Workshops. With a smile on his face, Monk went around to all the Berners to make sure they were having fun.

On March 31, 2004 Monk went off to join with Walli in pulling the carts across the Rainbow Bridge and to greet the Berners as they arrive.

Jerry Pixton

Snowking's Magic Two V L'Andres, June 9, 1994 - March 10, 2004

The hearts of the Korotki and Genendlis families are broken as their wonderful dog, Magic, died on Monday at 6:30 A.M. He had a major infection and was responding well to the antibiotics but then became tired and died with his family, both 2 and 4 legged around him. Thanks to all of you who cheered on this wonderful old dog at his last show, especially his appearances with his beloved handler, Matt Korotki. The Berner family has always been so supportive of this devoted duo, Thank You ! He was a Good Dog. We were blessed with this wonderful family dog who was everything a Berner should be. We will always miss him. 

Robin Korotki

Dogwoods Gatsby V Falkental

July 1, 1996 - January 20, 2004

For 7 1/2 years he never left my side.  He met more people than any other six dogs in six lifetimes combined, and left them all smiling.  He left me at 7pm on January 20, 2004, as I held his head close to me and cried a river, a victim of malignant histiocytosis.  There are no words to express how I feel.  When you left it was with my heart and soul; God do I miss you, Gatsby. . .

John L. Moriarty, Arlington, VA

Ch. Beowulf's the Bewitching One - "Hocus" (BG#34120)

October 8, 1998 to January 24, 2004
Loved by Joyce E. Dickhoff and Family

Who could have imagined a short five years ago when Carmelita White agreed to have Hocus join my family how much one dog would change my life. As my first Berner, Hocus charmed me in ways I could not have known. From quietly sitting under the table while my then two year old granddaughter fed her Cheerios and milk from a spoon to her gentle nature with everyone she met. Hocus was pure magic. Then on to her winning ways in the show ring. I always felt that she finished in spite of me being at the other end of the leash. She was the first dog in my nearly thirty years at the shows that I could say I finished by 

Hocus gave me the joy of 16 of the lovely puppies, three more who finished with me dragging along at the end of the leash. Four more who are well on their way. She has passed along her sweet nature and easy going charm to each of her pups. It was so easy to tell that they got this from their mom. 

Hocus had given me plenty to worry about as well. The scratch on her cornea that had me convinced she would never finish. The frequent wanderings of a runaway dog. She would give me a look and turn to run. Only to come wandering home a little while later tired but happy. How many times did my husband fix that fence? The accidental ingestion of a plant that caused concerns about her kidneys four years ago. I remember taking a four point major with a shaved belly. There was no stopping Hocus. 

Today, the family gathered around Hocus for the last time. The tears came freely. It will be hard to imagine life without this amazing dog. What comfort I have in sharing my life with her wonderful pups. 

As Hocus closed her eyes for that last time, she still told me of the love she shared for Jay and I. I know she is chasing angels through Heaven.  Hocus, we will miss you so.

Joyce Dickhoff

Santera Lillehammer, CD - "Lille" (BG#13434)

December 25, 1993 - August 14, 2003

Owned and loved by Ken and Carol Lingley

With magnificent angel wings reserved for only the best dogs, Lille took flight for the Bridge at 4PM, August 14.  She was true to the end, telling us it was time; walking to the spot in the back field she wanted as her own; happy to get in the car, even putting her front feet up in the hatch waiting for a lift to the crate, and when redirected to the side door and the awaiting blanket, climbing in unaided; eating an ice-cream sandwich before we backed out the driveway, and playing the ready-steady game for cookies while we waited for the vet to come to the car with the fuel for her flight. She barked to let us know strangers were approaching, but like the lady she was, she accepted their touch and kept her eyes on her mom with complete trust. 

When last seen she was cuddling her Mokey, with milkbones and chewy close by. 

Good flight, our special girl.  You are simply the best.

(Lille was euthanized due to an apparent matastized adeno-carcinoma which was first diagnosed in December 2001.)

Kadoo's Mountain Thumper, June 20, 1995 - July 31, 2003

Owned and loved by Pat and Dave Burgan

It is with great sadness that we learned of the death of Pat and Dave Burgan's beloved Thumper. He went quickly in his sleep after being diagnosed with a brain tumor.  He apparently suffered very little but we will all feel the loss of this sweet, gentle giant who graced so many of our events and will be especially remembered as he pranced so lively around the ring as a veteran during our last Specialty.  Thumper was eight on June 20.

Beowulf's Bears Repeating
7/28-96 ~ 3/28/03, Owned and loved by Carmelita & Dick White

Carmelita writes:
"On Friday, March 28th we had to say good-bye to one of the worlds sweetest dogs, Petie, Beowulf's Bears Repeating. Petie joins her sister Walli up at Heaven's door -- Petie will be opening the door (her specialty) and Walli will be guarding it. Needless to say, life is a little less sweet with her loss, but all the sweeter for the time we had with her. Petie died from complications caused by a tumor."

Santera Changing Tempo, April 20, 1992 - February 27, 2003  

Owned and loved by Sandy & Norb Novocin

Sandy writes, "On February 27, 2003, we lost one of our quiet girls whose main goal in life was to be with us.  She was a beautiful moving bitch who gave us two of our favorite bitches, Santera Ria Remembrance (Remi) and Ch.Santera Lucka v Crest.  Our wish was her desire to please.  She died about 6 weeks before her 11th birthday....just about the same age as her dam, Ch.Santera Harmony v Crest.  We shall miss our quiet lady."   

Hayfield's Grand Abbey Rd v Bev's,  February 28, 1993 - March 7, 2003. 

Owned and loved by Don & Janet Grandstaff.  

Janet and Don had to let Abbey go the day before our specialty.  Abbey was sister to Bev's Royal Sun Fendi and dam to Hayfield Grand Garden Will (Billy) winner of BOB at Westminster this year.

Robin Disler writes, "Abbey was such a beautiful girl. Juniper just loved her so much; I swear he knew she was his grandmother. He would always greet her first when entering the Grandstaff's house. He loved to play with her and one of my greatest memories will always be the two of them running through Janet's field side by side. Every time I look at him I can see her. . .he has her eyes."

 Beowulf's Bears Watching, NDD, CGC (Walli)
July 8, 1996 - January 22, 2003, owned and loved by Nan & Jerry Pixton

"Walli was named for Wallace Simpson by her breeder, Carmelita White. It was a name which suited her for she took charge of the entire household and got her own way in activities. She named herself protector of all who resided here and in the surrounding area. It was in the capacity of protector that she died as she raced to the gate, barking all the way, in order to protect us all from the Air Borne Express truck. Walli died at the gate from an Aneurysm.

"Walli was very special in more ways than we can count. We all miss her so very much each and every day and were far from ready to have her leave us."

Santera Ariel Starfire "Ariel"

Sandy Novocin writes:  "On October 11, 2002, we lost one special  lady. She was better known to her friends as Ariel . Ariel was our official house greeter and never met a person she didn't like. She lived well up until a few days before she died. She died just four days shy of her 12th birthday. She leaves us with many memories but also many empty places in our home and our hearts. We shall greatly miss her." 

Gretchen von Alderhorst (aka "Beta")   

Jan 24, 1991 -  Oct 24, 2002 

loved by Jim and Peggy Barrett

Beta, the leader of the Barrett pack for nearly 12 years was euthanized after a three week battle.
Loyalty, thy name is Beta. 

Ch. Beowulf's Asta la Vista
August 2, 1996 -- September 25, 2002 

Loved by Dick and Carmelita White.  

Carmelita writes:
"This morning, September 25, 2002, our sweet girl joined her mother, Maggie, and brother, Angus in that special place that God reserves for dogs. Asta endured a prolonged battle with mast cell cancer . . . it never dimmed her happy spirit or sweet disposition.  Asta was, quite simply, the best."

 Katley's Land Cruiser - May 29, 1994 - April 10, 2002

loved by Valerie Chase and Bill Johnson. 


The following was gleaned from a note written by Val to Carol Lingley in September, 1998.

"Cruiser is not a mental giant.  He works because he loves me and I ask him to.  He could get a CD but a CDX would be impossible -- he does NOT retrieve.  He goes for long walks in the hills and woods near us off lead and under voice control without a problem.  Draft work was a total natural -- I hitched him up and he took off the first time out.  He is very steady.  He does not panic about much of anything.  He has shown a great deal of interest in "working" our sheep and nicely herded one into a corner when I accidentally let the dogs in with the sheep.  The sheep were NOT amused.  Like his dad, he does guard our place.  He likes to get to know people before sucking up.  He is velcroed to people he loves and reserved with strangers.  Mostly, he is his momma's huggable dog."

There You’ll Be:

When I think back on these times and the dreams weleft behind I’ll be glad 'cause I was blessed to get to have you in my life

When I look back on these days I’ll look and see yourface you were right there for me

In my dreams I’ll always see your soul above the sky

In my heart there always be a place for you for all mylife

I’ll keep a part of you with me and everywhereI am there you’ll be

Well you showed me how it feels to feel the sky withinmy reach and I always will remember all the strength you gave to me

Your love made me make it through, I owe so much to you

You were right there for me'

Cause I always saw in you my light, my strength

And I want to thank you now for all the ways

You were right there for me; for always

And everywhere I am; there you’ll be

Katley's Hellzapoppin  

June 23, 1992 - February 2, 2002,

companion to Valerie Chase and Bill Johnson. 

Rascal was the puppy from Hell.  Even her breeder, Kathy Worley, now admits she was afraid we were going to leave her on her porch one day.  She was the daughter of Rowdy (Kathy's girl) and Grey (Dawn Cox's Am. Can. Ch De-Li's Touch of Grey) but her personality was inherited from her mother.  She was born with the conviction that she should rule and that everyone was her subject.  She was an accomplished counter grazer whose best score was half a cheesecake one Christmas.  She chewed on us, was a natural Schutzendog (with a class III title in her mom's pedigree), and ate her way through an interesting array of items including hardbound library books, TV remotes, shoes, arm rests in the van and many dozen pairs of underwear.  

Dog class started early for Rascal and by the time she was three, the puppy from Hell was obedient in the hands of a novice five-year old.  She loved kids and was the dog I loaned to prospective Berner owners at dog matches and dog walks.  When I'd check on her I'd see her sitting on a picnic blanket, sharing lunch with a family, with a big grin on her face and a kid's arm around her shoulders.

Sometime around four years of age, Rascal started growling.  At first we were afraid she was getting weird, then we realized it was her way of talking, and  we reinforced it.  "What does the Fat Dog say?" got a nice conversational response along with a tip of a tail wag so you knew she was "talking."  She also learned to sneer in greeting.  Her best traits came out when she had a litter puppies.  Rascal was a wonderful mother and raised lovely kids.  We were amazed when in her later years she developed a sense of humor--something the Psychodog NEVER had.  She would plop down on your lap, get a good pet and look over her shoulder with a big grin that said "aren't we having fun."  She was extremely tolerant of the costumes she got for the annual Halloween party with the Playboy bunny and the politically incorrect Rasta Dog being the best.  

Right up until the end, if you talked to her the tail wagged.  We had Kathy over for dinner two nights before Rascal died.  Rascal joined us in the dining room, along with her friends Cruiser, Lightning, Maggie and Sadie.  Life with Rascal was sometimes difficult, but it was NEVER boring.  She was a great old lady and we miss her greatly.

Katley's Hellzapoppin  

June 23, 1992 - February 2, 2002,

companion to Valerie Chase and Bill Johnson. 

Rascal was the puppy from Hell.  Even her breeder, Kathy Worley, now admits she was afraid we were going to leave her on her porch one day.  She was the daughter of Rowdy (Kathy's girl) and Grey (Dawn Cox's Am. Can. Ch De-Li's Touch of Grey) but her personality was inherited from her mother.  She was born with the conviction that she should rule and that everyone was her subject.  She was an accomplished counter grazer whose best score was half a cheesecake one Christmas.  She chewed on us, was a natural Schutzendog (with a class III title in her mom's pedigree), and ate her way through an interesting array of items including hardbound library books, TV remotes, shoes, arm rests in the van and many dozen pairs of underwear.  

Dog class started early for Rascal and by the time she was three, the puppy from Hell was obedient in the hands of a novice five-year old.  She loved kids and was the dog I loaned to prospective Berner owners at dog matches and dog walks.  When I'd check on her I'd see her sitting on a picnic blanket, sharing lunch with a family, with a big grin on her face and a kid's arm around her shoulders.

Sometime around four years of age, Rascal started growling.  At first we were afraid she was getting weird, then we realized it was her way of talking, and  we reinforced it.  "What does the Fat Dog say?" got a nice conversational response along with a tip of a tail wag so you knew she was "talking."  She also learned to sneer in greeting.  Her best traits came out when she had a litter puppies.  Rascal was a wonderful mother and raised lovely kids.  We were amazed when in her later years she developed a sense of humor--something the Psychodog NEVER had.  She would plop down on your lap, get a good pet and look over her shoulder with a big grin that said "aren't we having fun."  She was extremely tolerant of the costumes she got for the annual Halloween party with the Playboy bunny and the politically incorrect Rasta Dog being the best.  

Right up until the end, if you talked to her the tail wagged.  We had Kathy over for dinner two nights before Rascal died.  Rascal joined us in the dining room, along with her friends Cruiser, Lightning, Maggie and Sadie.  Life with Rascal was sometimes difficult, but it was NEVER boring.  She was a great old lady and we miss her greatly.

Ch. Santera Cody Von Bergman, CDX, NDD, CGC

June 22, 1992 - December 15, 2001

Cody defied all odds and expectations by surviving auto-immune disease and the resulting sinus infections for over five years.  He was a champion of the conformation ring, an obedience titleholder, and a certified Novice Draft Dog, but most of all, Cody was the center of Deb Carmen's canine universe.  Until the end he enjoyed going on camping trips and accompanied Deb twice a day to the farm.  

Ch. Santera Cody Von Bergman, CDX, NDD, CGC

June 22, 1992 - December 15, 2001

Cody defied all odds and expectations by surviving auto-immune disease and the resulting sinus infections for over five years.  He was a champion of the conformation ring, an obedience titleholder, and a certified Novice Draft Dog, but most of all, Cody was the center of Deb Carmen's canine universe.  Until the end he enjoyed going on camping trips and accompanied Deb twice a day to the farm.  

In Loving Memory of John William Abrell - 1936 - 2001

Surely Jack wouldn't mind being in the company of all the beloved dogs memorialized on this page.  Jack was so instrumental in creating and perpetuating PVBMDC, it is fitting that we remember all his good works on our behalf.  We hope he has had a joyous reunion with the dogs who were waiting for him at the Bridge.  

"When I come to the end of the road and the sun has set for me, I want no rites in a gloom-filled room, why cry for a soul set free?  Miss me a little, but not too long and not with your head bowed low.  Remember the love that we once shared.  Miss me and let me go; for this is a journey that we all must take and each must go alone!  It's all a part of the Master's plan, a step on the road to home.  When you are lonely and sick of heart, go to the friends we know.  And bury your sorrows in doing good deeds; Miss me but let me go!"

Black Rock Ellie

 December 2, 1991 - August 3, 2001

In the purebred dog world, she was known as "Black Rock Ellie," but in the Hayfield home of Janet and Don Grandstaff, she was affectionately known just as "Ellie."  Ellie was so special; she was the first of many Berners to join the Grandstaff family.  Ellie distinguished herself as she became the first "Winchester dog" to qualify for the Animal Assisted Therapy program at the Winchester Medical Center.

Ellie and her mom, Janet Grandstaff, joined the fledgling AAT program in early 1995.  From the start, it was evident that this beautiful Berner had found her niche.  AAT became her mission and she shined like a star as a Therapy dog.  Patients couldn't wait to stroke her glistening coat, tell her what a beautiful girl she was, and how happy they were that she and Janet were there. . .be it a therapy session at the Rehabilitation Center or visits at the Medical Center's oncology, pediatrics or the psychiatric units.

Being beautiful wasn't Ellie's only attraction, it was her gentle, sensitive manner, her sense of the patient that really needed her soothing attention at that very moment. . .her dignity, her presence, and canine intuition of her role as an Animal Assisted Therapy dog, translated as the 'right thing to do at the right time.'

Not only did Janet and Ellie work regularly scheduled AAT sessions, they were active in introducing AAT to Winchester and surrounding communities.  Ellie, by far, was an AAT star when she appeared as a 'demo dog' in AAT presentations to church groups, civic and service organizations, and state professional meetings.  She represented the AAT/Winchester program during a 'special canine visit' to the White House, and was one of the first dogs permitted to 'stay in the room' at the Homestaed in Hot Springs when she and Janet made an AAT presentation at a State conference.

Farewell Ellie, you left a legacy of service for future AAT dogs which will serve as a continuing challenge!

Written by Martha Brewer, Volunteer Chairman, Animal Assisted Therapy Services, Winchester Medical Center - Winchester, VA                                                                       

Dallybeck's Luck of the Irish ( MIKEY )

9/27/91 - 7/25/01

His love and gentleness will be greatly missed. Ever the gentleman, his passing... leaves a vast emptiness... but blessed memories.
He has joined Dallybecks" EinKelsey, Bear, Baron, Jamie, Great Sasquatch as well as Misty.. and Rowdy .. my other Berners.. ... so many gone... so many remembered with love..

Michael O'Hara 

Ch. Beowulf's Angus V Santera (ANGUS) died Thursday, May 3, after a long battle with cancer. Angus was bred by Carmelita White and was owned by Pascal and Peggy DiMagno.  He was their first Berner .  Quoting from his write-up in the 1999 BMDCA Yearbook, "From the beginning he was an instant  charmer with that irresistible way he has of tilting his head and looking at you when you're talking to him.  He is everybody's friend.  He is our beautiful boy who brings us much joy.  We love him!"

Angus was five years old.  Much too soon at the Bridge.  Our deepest sympathy, Peggy and Pascal.

ELSA - About three years ago, a call went out from a breeder for someone willing to rescue a nine-year old Berner girl who had outlived her family's ability to care for her.  Jodi and Dennis Heins stepped up to rescue ELSA from a lonely backyard existence, spending considerable time, effort and money to return her to good health and providing her a warm, comfortable indoor life to grow old in.  Life became so good for Elsa that she defied the effects of years of neglect and decided to stay in this world much longer than dared hoped.   She celebrated her 12th birthday in February, but was having great difficulty rising, so with much regret and many tears the Heins' helped her to her final peace on March 16.  She is missed by all who knew her, and especially by Jodi, Dennis and Alyssa Heins.  (Posted May 6, 2001.)

MAX - A farewell salute to Ch. Hoffhund Go-For-The Max, CGC, TDI, beloved senior citizen of Sue and Herb Hoffman, who left this world in late March, just shy of his 13th birthday.  MAX was owned and bred by Sue, and they had many great adventures together on the show circuit.  At the National Specialty in Wisconsin last year, Max was honored by the crowd as the most senior dog in the Veterans Parade.  Sue wrote of him then as still enjoying socializing, riding in the car and lying under the trees keeping an eye on everything.  "He's our beloved gentleman."

We know he is missed.  (Posted May 6, 2001.)

KATO - Kathleen Gaffney of Acra, NY writes:

To my darling Kato, You were the light & love of my life, sweet pea.  There was never one like you before nor will there be after.  How I loved you and how I still do.  So much has happened in this very short time since you passed from our life together to be with God in Heaven.  I pray every day that you are happy and healthy once again, and in turn, God has more than answered my prayers in showing me that you are.  But please don't miss me little buddy, just continue to wait for me right there until we are together again.  I promise you, this time it will be forever.  Kato, thank you for all you have given to me each & every day we shared together.  I love you more than I can say, I think of you each & every day.  Be well my beloved, and make sure you run to greet me when my time comes, for I want nothing more than to hold you in my arms and kiss your sweet face once again.  I love you so, Mommy.

(Kato was born May 1, 1994 and died of cancer on April 25, 2001.  Our sympathies to Kathy.) Posted May 6, 2001.

Kielerstar Kohl Black Raven, CD, CGC, TDIRaven, aka Bubba or Wubby11/11/89 - 12/26/00


I told him when I lost my first Berner at 10 1/2 yrs., that he would have to live to be at least 11. He was 11 back in mid November.

A week or so ago, he was growing very weak and pale and losing his appetite. Blood work and x-rays showed problems with his spleen & liver. I asked him if he could stay with us for Christmas and I got him some drugs to make him feel better. And I promised him if he stayed, I'd help him to make sure he didn't ever feel sick or in pain again. He gave me the greatest Christmas present ever, to be with us on Christ's birthday.

And today I upheld my promise to him....and now he is young & healthy & active & reunited with my other Berners in heaven.
Thank you so much, my sweet dear soul, for being my special boy and giving me this one last gift. You were so gentle and undemanding and you gave us so much.

Kathryn Yost
Ravenswald Bernese
Yorktown, Virginia

Posted February 5, 2001.

ZOE - From Carmelita White - Beowulf's Only Love (Zoe) 02/23/00 -- 12/25/00
On Christmas morning we lost Zoe to complications of multiple heart defects. Zoe was a puppy out of a litter born here on February 23, 2000. She was very small at birth and required hand feeding; her heart problems were not detected until we had the vet out for a puppy check at six weeks. Zoe and I took a trip to Virginia Tech, where it was determined that she had an inoperable heart defect (two actually) and that she would not live past her first birthday. Needless to say, Dick and I were sad beyond belief but we decided to bring her home and let her be a puppy. She ran, played, barked and bounced as much as her body would allow. Zoe had a beautiful long silky coat and a wonderful sweet disposition.

Her last week was difficult. Zoe was cheerful but very tired. On Christmas morning she lay down by Dick's chair and passed quietly away, becoming our true Christmas Angel.  

Posted January 4, 2001.

CH Hayfield's Grand Holly Matilda Bay v Rock Harbor (9/18/2010 - 5/23/2017)

It is with a broken heart that I report that Holly crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday to be with Janet. Holly was from Maggie x Steam and was my first breeding. Janet helped mentor me and whelp this litter and thus Holly went to the best home - she was the perfect dog for them and was Don's girl! Don & I were just remembering when we all went to Eukanuba in 2013 and much to our delight & surprise Holly took Best of Opposite sex (meaning best female showing there in Berners). It was a wonderful time! While there we went to Disney World where Don rode Space Mtn! One thing checked off the bucket list!! Holly died from Kidney failure. Holly is buried in the Grandstaff "cemetery" in the woods. :( Debbie Reams


BMDCA Versatility, Working Dog Excellent & Grand Master Draft Dog Awards

May 4, 2006 – Feb 29, 2016

owned, loved, and missed by Buck & Priscilla Sykes


ROBYN was (and in our minds, is..) a loveable, huggable, and silly little girl – a wonderful mother for ANDY and ANJA, and a devoted companion for Priscilla. She greeted each morning with a twinkle in her eye and a smile on her face that brightened our day. She was the eternal puppy – coy, inquisitive, ready to play, and joyfully looking forward to making new friends, facing new challenges, and “being at her mom’s side.” She was more than a good student; she was also a gifted teacher … she taught us all (Buck, Priscilla & her pups) to listen and to nurture our relationship. Oh what a privilege it’s been to have her as our teacher.

"Don’t Cry because it’s over, Smile because it happened"  - Theodore Geise


June 5, 2005 - Jan 25, 2016  

Adored and missed by Pope Burr & Diane Ssanya (and a slew of others)


Dylan passed away in Pope’s arms at 1:05pm Monday at the Mid-County veterinarian clinic in LaPlata, Md.  He had been fighting canine degenerative myelopathy (DM) for about six months before we knew that it was time to go and cross over the bridge.


I hope that he gets a chance to meet Fred who passed 11 years ago, almost to the day.  They were both big, gentle, goofy Berners who spent all their time close to me or Diane because that’s what they like to do - be in your face.


Sharon Hasenauer nicknamed Dylan "Love Sponge" and I’m sorry I can’t take credit for that. When I traveled to Pittsburgh I would sometimes drop Dylan off at George and Sharon’s and he would sit on their couch and just "sponge up" all the love that they gave for days on end.  We all have to walk our "green mile" and I’m so thankful to have had two Berners that walked with me a while.


January 16, 2009 – July 8, 2017

Owned Loved and Missed by Bill Davis and Pete Williams


With a heavy heart we helped Rosey across the rainbow bridge to join her friends.   She was fighting kidney disease and without much warning she finally lost the fight.  Rosey always did things her way, greeting you with lots of happy barking no matter how short a time you were away. She had the healing pattern down in the ring so she would sit down and wait until you came back to her.  On the recall she would just push her head through your legs to check out the people.  She produced five beautiful puppies. She earned all her Rally titles and a Beginner novice title and toyed with the CD title not caring if she finished the last leg or not but always gave it a shot and happy about it.  The house is now way too silent.


(12/31/2011 - 6/8/2017)

My girl... Jolie ❤️

As I sit in the house I first met you at, I seem to be at a loss. I have written this over and over, erased, and started again... Words just seem to escape me. Anyone that knows me knows each dog I get the chance to show I treat them as my own, Jolie was no different. Jolie started showing in November of 2014 and by the end of December 2015, Jolie was a silver grand champion who had finished the year by winning Best of Breed at Eukanuba. Jolie always aimed to please, I never thought I would have a dog that loved to show like Jolie did. The louder the crowd clapped, the better Jolie showed. It was like she knew her job, she aimed to please. Jolie was the first dog I campaigned that I was able to show in the top twenty, she was the first dog I won a speciality with in the US, she was the first dog I piloted to number one female, she was the first dog I placed at Westminster with, she was the open door to so many opportunities in my life. I couldn't be more Thankful to Deborah Reams for allowing me to be on the end of her lead. Though Jolie's life was drastically cut short, her legacy will remain in the 3 puppies she gave us yesterday. What I would do to take one last lap around the ring with you and hear you bark at me just one more time💔 rest in peace, Jojo ❤️

Kasey VonEngel

"Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one, is a life diminished." (Dean Koontz)



June 29, 2005 - April 2, 2016

Loved by the Bullard family


Dallas became ill and within two weeks was crying with pain. He departed painlessly in the loving arms of our middle daughter. Just weeks before Dallas was practicing brace draft with the Crifasi's talented Maggie and having a great time. He lived his life to the fullest and will be greatly missed.


February 23, 2004 - October 21, 2015

Owned, loved and missed by Jim & Peggy Barrett


“If you want me, just whistle. You know how to whistle, don't you?” 

(Lauren Bacall, in “To Have and Have Not”). Picture taken 14 Oct 2015.)

Sheena, you graced us for nearly twelve years, more than any other of our Berners save one (“Beta”). I saw you the day Annie whelped you (the last of seven!). As an eight-week old puppy, you squirmed your way into our hearts (even though I was determined to pick a boy puppy – okay, I was wrong, you were right.).

We developed as a team in freestyle (including, Lexington!), obedience and rally. But therapy work was where you really glowed. You padded down the halls of the local Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital for some eight years. At each visit you let me balance treats on your muzzle, snatching them mid-air, before the kids could blink.

Until the very end, you had that knowing, loving look, “Of course, Jim and Peggy, of course”.


August 30, 2010 - October 15, 2015

owned, loved and missed by Brenda Bernard


Dailey crossed the bridge and I am so heart broken.  I was holding out hope and wishing for a miracle, but she was needed to help out up in heaven. I will miss my hugs from my special showboat. Even being so short of a time she has taught me a very special love. She always knew when I was having a bad day she would give me her famous Dailey hug. Dailey and I had such a special bond that I will truly miss. Hope her legacy lives on in her babies.

RIP sweet baby girl, I will miss your cute little showboat butt.   Kisses and BIG hugs until I see you again.  Love you Ms. Dailey and miss you more than I can stand.


April 24, 2007 - July 28, 2015

Owned, loved & missed by Barbara Bootes


Once again this year, I am in the position of having to report the loss of one of my girls. Accomplished Freya, mother to 15 puppies and who excelled in performance events, passed peacefully on July 28 after an intense battle with Histio Sarcoma, the full onset of which was triggered by a DHPP booster vaccination in the middle of June. Her actual cause of death was likely a secondary infection from a puncture wound to her foot a couple of days before, which introduced the bacteria that overwhelmed her liver due to her weakened immune system. Fortunately, she was not in pain. We pursued a course of treatment that included canibidiol (CBD) hemp oil and the Budwig protocol (cottage cheese blended with flaxseed oil) among other holistic approaches. These seemed to have had a positive effect on her tumors, but in the end, the disease moved too quickly through her system for us to be able to keep up with the counter measures required through nutritional means. We did not do chemo

Replacing my girls, in all senses of the word—and indeed if they can ever be replaced, will be a long and challenging process

Barbara Bootes

Lindenhof BMDs


January 13, 2005 - May 13, 2015

Bred, owned, loved & missed by Barbara Bootes

As some of you already know, my sweet, brave Ingrid crossed the bridge in mid-May. She was 10 years and 4 months and mother to the 26 puppies in Lindenhof's M, N and Q litters. After surgery in early March to remove two malignant tumors in the lung and along the mammary chain, she was healing and recovering well. Follow-up blood work and X-rays a month later showed normal function and no further evidence of malignancy

However pain coming from the neck area was causing her increasing difficulties with walking and coordination. Finally we elected to do an MRI on May 12 to see what was going on and if it could be addressed surgically. What we found was a condition in her spinal cord described as  myelomalacia, or disintegration/death of the tissue comprising the cord, which was causing her tremendous pain. Usually, such a condition is a result of injury or trauma to the area, which I’m inclined to believe, though it happened 4 1/2 years ago, came from the time she was caught in a snare and nearly choked to death. The affected area was right where the wire had caught her. She was at that point cancer-free with a healthy body but there is no known treatment to reverse this process and we had no choice but to let her go

Her pack-mates, Freya and Mirko are missing their sister, as indeed are all of us. Attaching a few pictures to honor her life.


Best,  Barbara, Lindenhof BMD


December 16, 2003 - April 23, 2015

Owned and loved by Mark & Regina Jessop



Although the picture is two years old, this is how we see her. She loved to be outside, and she was always “smiling.” We can sum up Possum as “the happiest dog ever known”. She was truly a girly girl who believed life was meant to be a party.

(Possum's tribute was made possible by friends who generously contributed to our rescue fund.)

KEILISSA'S HAD TO HAVE HER, aka Haddie, Hadlyn & Haddie Ho

October 3, 2003 - April 12, 2015 

Owned, loved & missed by Brenda Bernard


It has been a tough couple of days, and I knew the time was going to come, but, you know, you’re just never ready. My sweet baby girl Haddie has crossed the Bridge. I am thankful to Haddie that I did not have to make the choice, it was on her terms, and she went peacefully in her sleep on Sunday afternoon. Haddie has always done things on her terms, LOL.  She has been my best friend and the love of my life, my baby girl, and has had some beautiful Babies and Grandchildren, and I hope her free spirit  lives on in their hearts,  I am also hoping that Emma her Granddaughter will carry on her legacy. My heart is breaking, but I do know that she is in a much better place and running with all the boys that have met her at the gate, and I am sure they all were happy to see Ms. Hot Pants cross the bridge..  


Haddie Mommy will miss you and loves you so much. Until we meet again, know you will be waiting!!!!


September 1, 2007 - January 31, 2015

Bred, owned, loved & missed by Barbara Bootes

It is with great sorrow that I have to report that Lara is no longer with us. She passed away suddenly on Saturday after a brief illness marked by intense diarrhea, vomiting and weight loss that began around the middle of January. I will have a post mortem done to determine the actual cause of death, as the speed at which she departed suggests a cause other than the GI Lymphoma she was initially diagnosed with.

Lara was an accomplished girl and hard worker, full of mischief and humor who felt life intensely. She excelled in agility, draft, herding and obedience. She was also the loving mother of 16 pups in two litters, and passed along her strength, sound temperament and intelligence to them.

Her pack-mates—Ingrid, Freya and Mirko—are also devastated. The departure of Miss Lara Sunshine leaves a big hole in the family.

Best, Barbara, 

Lindenhof BMDs


June 11, 2007 - January 10, 2015

Bred, owned, loved & missed by Valerie Chase & Bill Johnson


Justy, took herself over the bridge around 4am January 10, 2015. She started life taking Best Puppy at the PVBMDC 2007 Match at 3 months of age and was Best Veteran at the PVBMDC Match in 2014 at 7. In between she earned 40 GCH pts and took 8 BOB and 10 BOS ribbons as well as doing obedience. Justy's show name reflects her treatment of her three litter brothers - Danny, Timber and Sonny - whom she tormented relentlessly. Justy never met a boy she didn't invite to riot. Ice and Sonny will miss having her woof while squeaking a toy in their face, bouncing around which she was doing up until 4 days before she died. She took over Tart's house guard duties the day her mother Tart died, as well as Tart's spot on the sofa. Ice and Sonny look a little lost without Justy's directions on when to bark at the door. And the sofa looks very naked without her.


In August 2012 Justy was diagnosed with histiocytic sarcoma from two lymph nodebiopsies. She had no tumors on ultrasound or xray exams and did 2 rounds of CCNU before almost dying of Lymes and was saved by doxycycline. Justy recovered completely over the following year. Justy never lost a pound and showed no signs of illness before January 6th when she left half her breakfast, but still ran in the pasture. She declined precipitously, showing liver enlargement on xray and liver and spleen invasive tissue on ultrasound on the 8th. Like Tart, Justy is in both Berner Garde and the NIH Canine Genome Project databases with swabs and blood samples. Unlike Tart, she could not go to JHMI for their incredibly complete necropsy as it was a weekend. Her regular vet did the gross necropsy and sent tissues off for analysis. Reports will be forwarded to both BG and NIH.

Tart died at 8.5 of a small hemangiosarcoma on her heart that ruptured and none of the 28 other tissue slides had any evidence of cancer. She is being used as a control by NIH for some studies so comparison with Justy if she has histio may be useful.


November 2, 2010 - June 20, 2014

Bred, owned, loved & missed by Joyce Dickhoff

Moose was one of the neatest dogs I have ever owned. He was a clown, my obedience dog, my show dog, my DOG. He got me to work in obedience and we were doing great. I will never replace Moose. I am having him checked out by Hopkins so that we will know what happened to my Moose. He was only 3 1/2 and he was a champion and had so much more to do.   



July 17, 2006 - May 5, 2014 - (BG#44383)

Loved and missed by Jim & Debbie Reams


It was with a heavy heart that we helped Apollo cross the Rainbow Bridge on 5 May 2014.  He was our heart dog and all our days are a little less bright without his cheerful, quiet dignity and gentle charm.   


Apollo came into our life 2 1/2 years ago from Bobbi Kinley-Blewett.  We specialed him immediately with Heather Bremmer and Kevin Bednar.  In the 2012 show season he only competed for 10 months, but took 47 BOB titles, numerous Awards of Merit and Group Awards.  He received an Award of Merit at Eukanuba in Orlando and was BOB at the National Dog Show in Philly.  He finished at Number 6 all breed and Number 7 in breed for the year. His last appearance was in Veteran Sweeps and the Veteran Parade at the 2014 Nationals in Hampton.  It was a special pleasure to go around the ring, that he loved,  one last time.  He went around the show ring one last time like the trooper he was.  


We miss him dearly and feel blessed that we were privileged to share his last years with such an exceptional Berner.  RIP



Owned Loved and Missed by Bill Davis and Pete Williams


May 9, 2012 – November 1, 2021

With heavy hearts we helped Louie across the rainbow bridge to join his friends.   He was fighting cancer and without much warning he finally lost the fight.  Louie was the clown of our family, the only dog to howl. He would go to dog show to have fun but not to earn titles. He did ok with rally but only earned his beginner novice title in obedience.  No matter how mad you got at him, he had a look that made you laugh in the mist of telling him he was a bad boy.  He was named for the song “Louie Louie” from Animal house and he lived up to it.  His funny little habits are surely missed.

louie in tunnel.jpg
Kody memorial.jpg



Owned Loved and Missed by Bill Davis and Pete Williams

May 5, 2010 – October 14, 2021

With heavy hearts we helped Kody across the rainbow bridge to join his friends.   He was our longest living Berner at 11 years 5 and a half months.  Kody was the most loving and patient out of all the dogs yet his presence commanded respect. He earned many Obedience and Rally titles. Kody taught me the difference between a “wait” and “stay” command. Old age finally caught up with him, he could no longer standup even with help. Kodman you will be missed by all

Witchway Rumble of Thunder v Cabernese CD MXP3 MXPB MJP3 MJPB XFP ANDDABNDD MDD MBDD GMDD WD


On Feb 16 we said goodbye to our Boomer due to cancer.  He was the most eager to please of all our Berners and remained an absolute puppy throughout his life.  He was a soft Berner, funny, needy, funny, affectionate, funny,  and the best walking partner I have ever had.   He was an amazing performance Berner and did everything Jack asked of him with a huge Berner grin.  He greeted everyone with ebullient gusto and is so missed.

Maria & Jack Crifasi

Boomer. - Copy.jpg
Crystall's memorial.jpg



Owned Loved and Missed by Bill Davis and Pete Williams


May 9, 2012 – March 22, 2021

With a heavy heart we helped Crystall across the rainbow bridge to join her friends.   She was fighting cancer and without much warning she finally lost the fight.  Crystall always did things her way, greeting you with lots of happy barking no matter how short a time you were away. She earned many Obedience and Rally titles. On the recall she would just push her head through your legs to check out the people.  Every time she did better than her brother, we would look at him and say why can’t you do as well as your sister. The house is now way too silent.

Quincy Bowins (Jul 4, 2008 – April 26, 2020)

Owners Jonneita and Rob Bowins 2012 - 2020

We rescued you 8 years ago from a family 6 hours away. We traveled just to put our eyes and then we met a family member 3 hours away to get you.  We made a stop on the way home and I took you out of the truck.  There was a car that made a loud noise and you went under our Ford expedition. I still to this day do not know how you got under there. So, in the cart went the Thunder Jacket. It hurts to look over and not see you laying there sleep and as soon as I move, you move. I go up the steps 50 times and you right behind me. Not hearing you snap at the air (still do not know what that was about). Not having you stand there waiting to get your meds in a piece of chicken meat or cheese. You running to me when I come home and you had been chilling with Rob. Lol. Just like kids when Mom comes home. You laying in the corner so you can see your Mom lay her head down to go to sleep, then you would go to sleep. You staying at Grandparents house while we go on vacation and not eating nothing but treats. But the last time we traveled to Florida you did eat, good dog!  :-)

You happy barking at the lawn mower as your Dad cut the grass. You only barked at the lawn mower or when we would walk to the back yard and you would see us.  But you did not want to be outside ~ spoiled to be inside! Candi, the crazy black lab that lives with your Grandparents will miss the days of being with you even though you would go upstairs when at Grandparents house and want nothing to do with her. Let alone you would rush to get in her dog bed. We took you to the Vet because of a cough, you were examined, and all was good, so the Vet said let’s do x rays. Diagnosis on December 26, 2019 1 tumor in the chest and 1 in the stomach, 3-6 months of surviving. Well you did good sir, 4 months.  Watching you take your last breath was tough. Run free in the Doggie Park in Heaven with Eagle Beagle and Princess. Love you dude! I pray that we gave you all you wanted in a family. We miss you.  RIP Quincy (Monk Monk, Toilet Paper (always behind me) Snufalufagus).


Indian Hills The Thunder Rolls

October 28, 2013 - August 13, 2019


For Tucker’s memorial page I am going to share words he shared in his communication session with Rachelle Embrey.  Rae has been with us on this long journey since he was diagnosed in May 2018 and without her insight and support I do not feel we would have had all this extra time.  He was given 3-4 months to live and just look at all the extra quality time and love we had to share!  Whether you believe in communication with the spiritual afterlife across the bridge or not this has given me peace.  

Debbie Reams

 "When I connected with Tucker, he came through readily. I can see him running through the meadows as he often showed me and his regular sessions.

I got the sense that he’s been running free and enjoying the spiritual side of things at this time.

Almost as if he’s sort of on a high of enjoying his body without limitations. Enjoying being back in spirit and returning home to himself.

I can see that he’s checking in and out with you, but he feels that “ she can’t feel me right now.”

He then told me “she can’t feel me, so I’m letting it loose over here.”

He said to tell you that “I come to see you in the morning. That’s when you’re fresh and I feel like that’s when you can feel me the most when you are able.“

I told Tucker that you loved him so much and you missed him deeply. That you desperately wanted to feel his presence and be near him.

He took off running again, and he said that “don’t be so serious! Life is too short to be so serious mom. Come on let loose and think of me. No matter what was happening, I still always enjoyed my moments.”

I saw him running like a wave of energy and he burst directly into your heart.

He says that “you’ve had your heart closed and without an open heart, you can’t feel anything. You won’t feel me, Jolie, your mom or anyone that’s trying to be there for you. Open your heart and allow yourself to receive. Allow yourself to receive the love that you gave all of us.”

When he entered your heart center, it’s almost as if I could see him open up into 10 tiny rainbows. He was filling your bodily vibrations in your heart center with the energies of all of the colors of the rainbows.

“When you think of the rainbows, those are the colors that stream to us and connect you to the spiritual side.”

I’ve never heard of this news and I got the sense that this is something that Tucker is teaching both you and me during the session. Something that he’s learned on the spiritual side.

He says that “this is a new way of connecting, see a rainbow coming out of your heart and stretching as long as the earth and as far up into the skies as you can imagine. They’re on the edge of the rainbow, lays all of the people and animals you wish to connect with.”

I follow the rainbow and on the edge, I could see Tucker, Jolie, Maggie who is wagging her tail immensely!

All of them were sending you so much love and smiling with joy at the person you are and who you’ve become.

I then saw two cats and another large dog come forward who said that he was “Apollo.”

Apollo is clear that “I have returned to earth, but you can still feel me in spirit.” 

Tucker says that “my transitioning, will make you stronger. But first, we must allow you the time and space to open your heart once again so that you can receive all the love and kindness that is around you.”

Let Yuri show you how to be a puppy again. Let your mind believe that you can release your pain when you release your desire to hold onto life as it is so tightly. "

Wow! I had to really focus as I type that out because he was very precise with his wording. He is sending so much love from his heart into your heart center.

" A times, he’s not leaving you intentionally, but he’s going off to go learn about all of the things they can so that he can “come back and help the humans in the world.”

He is telling me specifically that many of the messages will help many others. He wants your permission to share some of them as they come through.

I’m learning on a rapid and quick level. Everything up here moves so fast. On earth, everything moved slow. Here, things move fast and I’m learning quick! There’s so much that I need to come back and convey regularly.”

He is sending all that rainbow love and energy into your heart and tell you that “I will always love and be with you. I am your most special boy. You did everything for me- and now I will do everything I can for you.”

And yes Tucker was and always be my special baby boy"

"Cabby" Nov 2, 2010 - Aug 1, 2019

Relieved of his tired body, my Cabby passed to the Bridge today. He was everything one could wish for in a Berner: gorgeous, lovely light movement, enthusiastic, smart, too smart, agile and he ADORED pulling a cart. He did the most work in clearing forest debris and loved every minute of it. He could open any door. When he decided it was bedtime, once I was in the room, he would shut the door. He never wanted to see me scared (Jack's TV programs) or upset (Jack's TV programs) so off to my bedroom we would go. So often when I was unable to sleep, I would hear him approach the bed and breathe softly against my face. It was Valium. Cabby loved agility because upon entering the ring, people would admire him loudly so, of course, he had to leave the ring so that they could pet him. My thanks to Joyce Dickhoff for entrusting him to us, to Kasey Von Engel and Kristen Greenwood for showing him to perfection.

Cabby made me feel loved, cared for and safe …. so safe.

Maria Crifasi

Debbie's Maggie.jpg

CH Hayfield’s Grand Maggie Flower

May 3, 2008 - November 9, 2018


Maggie came to us from the Wehes’ in Stowe, Vermont. Maggie was our second Berner coming down from the Granstaffs’ Hayfield’s line. She was joined down here by her sister, Jaz (Melinda & Tim Pitchford) and brother Hugo (Christine & Fred Haggard). Maggie had a stubborn streak, always doing things her way and in her time. She was “mother” to all our other Berners and was so good at mothering. She had 2 litters of her own and would have love to have more, but not to be. She began her (and my) journey in conformation. She won her first puppy match when she was 4 months at the annual PVBMDC picnic/ puppy match. She ended her conformation journey winning first place at Watchung Specialty in 2018 in the 9 -11 veteran bitch class. She went around that ring like she owned it & loved showing one last time! Maggie was special and very loved by her family and all who knew her.

Debbie Reams

PACH Witchway to Hearts Delight CD MXP7 MXPS MJP6 MJPS MFP DD BDD PAX and BMDCA Working Dog  3/7/07 – 2/18-19


Our beautiful Maggie, who was going to be 12 on March 7 passed to the bridge today. A tumor was discovered this past Friday, an ultrasound today showed nodules on the liver -- upon opening her, she was so compromised that she would not have recovered so we let her go. She came to us at 8 weeks for a visit that lasted her life time. She ran through an agility tunnel and straight into Jack's arms. She was an amazing performance dog, kept Cabby and Boomer in line and decided, upon her retirement from agility, that I was her #1 sleeping mate.

-  an amazing Berner who is now running alongside of Daisy, Buddy and Justin

Maria Crifasi

Maggie Crifasi at 10 2.jpg

GCH Witchways Keeping My Cool RN BN CD NDD ANDD HCT-s


BMDCA Versatility Dog (as of April 2018

Tied for #9 all time rank based on GCH points)

Ice passed  complete blood work, x-ray and ultrasound exams in March, but it was clear he wasn't totally up to speed so we only went to the National Specialty in Sturbridge for 2 days. There he flew around the Versatility Dog under 7 ring with Kristen Greenwood. Ice also got to visit with his co-owners Joyce Dickhoff and Richard Harrison. Ice was the best draft dog we have had. And he did everything I asked of him with acceptance that I would never ask of him what he couldn't do. He ignored a blasting fire engine roaring past us hooked up on a paved road and crawled out of a collapsed x pen when the wind blew it over sandwiching him in its panels to stand and wait for me to set it up again. His favorite spot was lying unhooked on the grooming table watching a dog show. Maria Crifasi wrote me his best epitaph "Ice was a quiet, gentle, biddable boy that adored you - a fine true working dog." Missed beyond words. Health work will be in Bernergarde #84822.

Valerie Chase Johnson



4/18/2013 - 11/8/2014 - 1/27/2018

Cherished family member of Laura & Gus Verdun


Our dearest MAX has passed. He came bounding into our lives at 18 months and departed much too soon at 4 years-9 months. We are sure he was welcomed across the bridge by all the sweet Berners who have preceded him, to a place filled with all of his favorites… much snow, ornamental grasses, and nature’s buffet; and by Janet (Hayfield’s Grand) for a prompt and proper bath.  He was a friend to all, and particularly enjoyed his weekends at Great Falls Park, the PVBMDC walks, and his besties of all sizes in our neighborhood. He succumbed to hemophagocytic histiocytic sarcoma, preceded by his dad Apollo (GCH CH Jennycreek’s Lord Bacchus), and leaves behind his mama Maggie (CH Hayfield’s Grand Maggie Flower).  We truly are grateful for the bonus days we received with him. He was always a gift to us, thanks to The Reams. Run free tiny MAX. 


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Cassy, origins unknown, rescue

2011-November 5, 2017, owner of Polly Martin


The first time I met Cassy, she spent half an hour barking and backing away from me.  It took 24 hours before she even let me touch her.  Over the course of the year, she tore both her CCLs within the first two months of coming to live with me, spent 5 months in rehab, and slowly built up a trusting relationship with me.  In that time, she grew into a dog that loved to experience life.  While I was allowed to go to work during the week, the weekend was hers and she made no bones about it.  She accompanied me to the grocery store, the pet store (where she pushed me to get the food quickly so she could drool all over the cashier to convince them to give her more cookies), and the farmer’s market.  Cassy always greeted me at the door with so much enthusiasm that I was always surprised she didn’t fly through the door.  She loved riding in the car and often hung her head out to check out everything that was happening…even in the dead of winter.  I can’t say I always appreciated the freezing air blowing around the car, but the joy she experienced was worth it.  Every day, twice a day, we would walk in the state park two blocks from the house.  Although she loved to chase deer and squirrels, she never let me out of her sight.  Her favorite part was to flop down in the stream, slap the water with her paws a couple of times, and then shovel water into her mouth for a drink.  She was the epitome of a hooligan, but she always made me laugh.  She embraced all of life’s experiences and was so much fun to be around.  A total clown, a great sense of humor, and a real sweet personality defined this curly-haired, long-legged awkward Berner.  Nobody could ever say she was a beautiful dog, but I never regretted sharing a moment with Cassy.  Goodbye, my second heart-dog.  You will always be remembered with love, laughter, and a few tears.  I will always feel your presence just behind me where you always placed yourself whenever we went anywhere.

Maggie - Carmelita and Dick White had the misfortune to suddenly lose their girl Maggie (Santera Maggie Zee) this past weekend. Maggie went to bed Friday night a happy dog and failed to answer breakfast call in the morning. A shock for her family, but the blessing of a peaceful end. Deepest sympathies Carmelita, Dick and Anna. Posted June 12, 2000.

Willow - Robin Disler informed us that Don and Janet Grandstaff's Willow (Hayfield's Grand Willow) has died. Willow was bred and owned by the Grandstaffs and lived with them in Winchester. In Robin's words, "Willow was such a great dog, so loving to everyone she met. The first time I ever went to meet Janet, Willow curled up on my lap and fell asleep, so trusting of a complete stranger. She will really be missed. Posted December 16, 2000.

CLOE - Barely two months have passed since we announced the arrival of the Hasenauer's new pup, Chloe. With great sadness we now write that little Chloe died very  suddenly, without warning or sign of illness, on Tuesday, September 5. She was not quite five months old. Members who attended the Labor Day picnic, can attest to Chloe's sweetness and poise as she surveyed the comings and goings in her cute froggy position, taking all the commotion in stride. It is unbelievable that her light has gone out so soon. Deepest sympathies to George and Sharon. Posted September 8, 2000.

QUINN - On Thursday, July 6, Skip and Carol Manley had to say the final good-bye to their much loved Quinn (Dallybeck's Quinn Von Heike). Members have enjoyed seeing Skip and Quinn in the obedience ring and pulling his cart at draft tests and club functions A happy-go-lucky boy, Quinn had his priorities: love Dad and walk around in circles with him at dog shows, but if I see Mom, run like heck to give her big hugs. We will sorely miss this special guy, and send deepest sympathies to Carol & Skip. Posted July 8, 2000.

VAL - Sincere condolences go out to Harriet and Leon Gehorsam in the loss of their boy Val (CH. Valere V Barengraben). Val was born June 1, 1990, bred and owned all of his good life by the Gehorsams. We know he is sorely missed. Posted June 12, 2000.

If you get there before I do

Don't give up on me

I'll meet you when my chores are through

I don't know how long I'll be

But I'm not going to let you down

Just you wait and see

And between now and then

'Til I see you again

I'll be loving you

Love,  Me.

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