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Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America


The National organization of Bernese Mountain Dog breeders and owners, this site provides local club contacts, a buyers guide, working & training tips, health & fitness information, a copy of the breed standard, a calendar of events, the BMDCA store and other references.  Be sure to look at the BMD Info Series, a grouping of articles covering many aspects of owning a Berner.  Also visit their Facebook page 

Visit the BMDCA website at


Berner Garde Foundation.  The Berner-Garde Foundation was established to collect, maintain and disseminate information about genetic diseases observed in the Bernese Mountain Dog. The database contains information which has been compiled over many years from voluntary submissions of data from owners and from other public sources of information, including the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals(OFA) and the Canine Eye Registration Foundation(CERF).  The information in the Berner-Garde Database is publicly available online, free of charge to everyone. Owners, breeders and puppy buyers can use the database to research pedigrees and how certain dogs might fit into a breeding or puppy buying decision. Veterinarians and researchers who are working to reduce genetic disease in the Bernese Mountain Dog can access information in the database and are welcome to contact Berner-Garde for additional assistance.  Also visit their Facebook page  

Visit the bernergarde website  at


Berner Health Info Links - Put together by Robin Camken, who spent hundreds of hours on the web compiling information, this super site is the place to go to research most known health problems of the Bernese Mountain Dog. Please read and observe the copyright information provided by Robin.

Berner-L - The Bernese Mountain Dog Mailing List is an Internet email mailing list that allows Berner owners and enthusiasts to communicate by e-mail with hundreds of people worldwide who share a common interest in the breed. Exchange stories, questions, suggestions, tips and other information about the breed with approximately 2,000 subscribers spanning the globe, from America to Australia and all points in between.

BMDINFO.ORG - Breed Information & Education For Puppy Buyers, Owners and Breeders.

Skips BMD Links - This is a collection of links to various Bernese Mountain Dog related web sites that the author found using various "search engines".

Boris Book Reviews -   Boris is a Bernese Mountain Dog who loves to cuddle up with his human and a good book. Using a list compiled from the members of the Berner-L, and including comments from some of the listing members, this site recommends books about Berners. Should you decide to purchase a book, follow the links provided and you will help Bernese Mountain Dogs far and wide, as any commission earned on the sale of books through this web site will go to the BMDCA Health Fund. 

Veterinary Information Network - This site has a pet medical library that includes a list of commonly prescribed drugs, what they are used for, common side effects, and interactions with other drugs.  You can submit questions, join a chat, or subscribe to a free newsletter.

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