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Spring Dog Walk 2024

Black Hill Regional Park 2024

Manassas Battlefield Park 2024

TRI Meetup 2024

Winter Warmup 2024

Meetup Jan 13 N. Fauquier Park

Meetup Dec 17 National Arboretum

Draft Test 2023

November Dog Walk 2023

Fall Dog Walk 2023

Fun Day 2023

Spring Dog Walk 2023

Manassas BFP 2023

Teddy Roosevelt Island 2023

N. Fauquier Community Park 2023

National Arboretum 2022

Western Regional Park 2022

Great Falls Walk 2022

Match 2022

Fun Day 2022

April Meetup 2022

March Meetup 2022

February Meetup 2022

Winter WarmUp 2022

Link to Scent Work Article HERE

December Meetup 2021

January Meetup 2022

Holiday Party 2021

WRP Woodbine Meetup 2021

Designated Specialty 2021

Draft Test/Match 2021

Fall Dog Walk 2021

Match 2021

Fun Day 2021

PV Spring Dog Walk

Northern Fauquier Park 2021

Manassas Battlefield 2021

Hains Point 2021

First Meetup 2021

Fall Dog Walks/Meetups 2020

Draft Test 2019

Match 2019

Spring Dog Walk 2019

Winter Warm Up 2019

Fall Dog Walk 2018

Great Falls Park

Draft Test 2018

Jack Crifasi's Boomer finished his Advanced Novice Draft Dog (ABNDD) title and earned his Grand Master Draft Dog Award.  

Barbara Bootes with Nora and Mirko qualified for the Brace Novice Draft Dog (BNDD) title. 

Dorene McCune with Brie and Bailey qualified for 2 NDDs and earned an MDD title with Brie.  

Jill Shaeffer and Griffen earned an NDD.  

Kim Perry and Josie earned an NDD. 

Teams from PA, MD VA and NC competed. 

Match 2018

Fun Day 2018

MD Dog Walk 2018

Winter WarmUp 2018

Holiday Party Dec 2017

Draft Test October 23/24, 2017, Smithsburg MD

Draft Workshop September 2017, Smithsburg MD

Match September 2017, Walkersville MD

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